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10 species – Variety Pack Moss Terrarium Garden Reptile Vivarium
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10 species - Variety Pack Moss Terrarium Garden Reptile Vivarium


  • to make sure this fits.

  • USDA Hardiness Zone (°F):6 (-10 to 0 °F)

  • 10 specie variety pack. At least ten species in every order. 7 lbs of moss and lichen; enough to cover around 4-6 square feet.

  • Gorgeous, fresh, unique, hand selected for exceptional beauty and artistic freedom. Saber-tooth moss, thyme moss, reindeer lichen, delicate fern, brocade moss, worm moss, mood moss, pincushion moss, and other pleasant variations.

  • To clarify for those of you that might be hesitant on buying moss: It’s easy to grow. Here are the species and what they do best in/how to prepare your terrarium or garden.

  • How you take care of the moss kinda depends on what you’re doing with it. I don’t typically send “instructions”, but I do group the ones that need a lot of moisture together. Some of them do best on wood mulch substrate, some sandstone, but I don’t send anything that is too hard to keep alive. For example, some grow on living trees, you will not receive any of that.

brocade, delicate fern, silk moss : they grow on dead wood/mulch. cushion moss, pincushion moss: this grows on rocky outcrops so… a little sandstone rock mixed in with the substrate will keep it happy. sabertooth moss/thyme moss: these will do well just about anywhere, they like a lot of water and clay mixed with the soil. hair cap moss: rocky outcrop/clay/sand mixture worm moss: rocky substrate not particular, grows everywhere. Then I usually include some reindeer lichen which also grows on rocky outcrops naturally. I send as much natural substrate attached to the moss as I can. If you can get oak or some other deciduous hardwood mulch, mix in a little sandstone and gravel, with a bag of top soil, you’ll have a good terrarium mix.

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