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5 Skewer Rotisserie Gas Barbecue / Grill by Arke – Authentic Brazilian Barbecue at home – BBQ Roaster Oven – Perfect for Chicken, Fish, Beef, Vegetables & more! (5 Skewers)
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5 Skewer Rotisserie Gas Barbecue / Grill by Arke – Authentic Brazilian Barbecue at home - BBQ Roaster Oven - Perfect for Chicken, Fish, Beef, Vegetables & more! (5 Skewers)


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  • ENJOY AUTHENTIC BRAZILIAN BARBECUE AT HOME – The Master Brazilian Grill is your own personal steakhouse – allowing you for the first time to cook and enjoy authentic Brazilian barbecue, just like the churrasco you’d find in Brazil or in any Brazilian Steakhouse.

  • MULTI-SKEWER ROTISSERIE GAS BARBECUE – Perfect for chicken, fish, beef or other meats and vegetables, this multi-skewer rotating system ensures your food is evenly cooked and much tastier than the oven, skillet or standard grill.

  • EASY-TO-CLEAN & SMOKE-FREE – A modern design makes this barbecue roaster quick and easy to clean, while state-of-the-art technology allows for true BBQ flavor with no smoke!

  • RESTAURANT-GRADE ROASTER – Featuring electronic individually controlled burners on the back (1 or 2 burners depending on the model), a curved, transparent glass door and a convenient grease collecting tray, the Master Brazilian Grill fits in a restaurant just as much as it does in your backyard.

  • AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE USA – Nothing like this has ever been available in the US – until now. Fans of barbecue, grilled meats, Brazilian food and outdoor enthusiasts – here’s your chance to get your hands on the first of its kind in America.

Calling all barbecue, churrasco, Brazilian and Portuguese food lovers – the Master Brazilian Grill allows you to cook meat, fish, vegetables & more in an authentic Brazilian BBQ style with your own personal steakhouse at home!

Invite your friends for a truly unique BBQ experience
Enjoy a freshly grilled meal in the backyard – best when combined with a sunny afternoon, cold drinks and good company. This Brazilian Grill / Rotisserie is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy Churrasco style food and share it with friends and family!

Professional Quality Brazilian Barbecue Style Grill / Rotisserie
Fill your Brazilian Flame rotisserie / grill with steaks, chicken, sausages or your favorite cut of meat, and don’t be surprised when it turns out even better than the local Brazilian restaurant! With ample room for your food, the rotisserie-style rotating oven always ensures an even cook. Watch through the clear glass door to be sure your meat is grilled to perfection.

Electronic individually controlled gas burners on the back, multiple skewers. Unlimited cooking options!
Multiple skewers provide a variety of cooking options, so you can make something for everyone – all at once! Electronic individually controlled gas burners (1 or 2 burners depending on the model) make it easy to control the cooking process to perfection.

Easy to use, Eco-friendly & Completely smoke-free
The Master Brazilian Grill features very LOW gas consumption compared to other gas grills, and works with LPG. What’s more, state of the art cooking technology makes it completely smoke-free! It’s also easy to install and comes with a gas regulator, hose and clamps included. You just need to attach a propane tank.

NEW in the USA

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