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Aluf Plastics 769646 Ultrasac Heavy Duty Professional Quality Lawn and Leaf Trash Bag, 39 Gallon Capacity, 43″ Length x 33″ Width, Black (Case of 100) (2-(Case of 100))
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Aluf Plastics 769646 Ultrasac Heavy Duty Professional Quality Lawn and Leaf Trash Bag, 39 Gallon Capacity, 43" Length x 33" Width, Black (Case of 100) (2-(Case of 100))


  • to make sure this fits.

  • Heavy duty bag for all uses

  • Made from 90 percent recycled material

  • Professional quality

  • Made in America

Size:2-(Case of 100)

Aluf Ultrasac are made from at least 90 percent recycled material. Made with premium resins. Consistently steady favorite, extra thick black opaque bags are dependably strong. Bags are gusseted and individually folded, open easily and are packed in cube style dispenser cartons for easy storage in tight quarters. Commercial Quality at affordable prices for every job. Packed for value oriented retail sale. Great promotional products. Made in America. Easy to store in glove compartments, RV’s, trailers or motorcycles. Great promotional products. 39 gallons capacity. Available in black color. Measures 43-inches length by 33-inches width.

Product information

Size:2-(Case of 100)

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November 21, 2014

Size: 39 gallons|Verified Purchase

With over a dozen very large trees and autumn at hand, the grocery store boxes of 18 bags are simply not enough. So I looked for a high quantity here on Amazon. This box contains 100 bags at a cost just slightly more than the grocery stores 18, so right from the start they are a good buy. A plus is that they are made from 90% recycled material. That’s great!

The bags are 1.5 mil. They are thicker than store bags, but yes you can still poke a hold through them with twigs. Still they are thicker and this helps them to “stand up” on their own better which is very helpful when you are trying to put leaves in them. They also have a folded bottom which again helps them stay upright.

Someone mentioned they smell which concerned me, I can say they do have an odor but it was not overwhelming and I simply keep them outside. The fresh air has reduced the odor from when the box was first opened. Also I wish they came in a larger gallon size as the 39 gallon fills up quickly with leaves.

The only drawback is they are twist tie. I find I have to push the leaves down to pull the bag together. Had they come with a drawstring or flap ties I could get another scoop or two of leaves in instead. Still overall a good buy for the price, quantity and quality of thickness.

September 10, 2015

Size: 39 gallons|Verified Purchase

To sum it up quickly, I really like these trash bags and highly recommend them. I will eventually be trying others by this company. They are cost effective – less expensive than many but they don’t rip and tear easily, and they are pretty touch when it comes to things punching through them. I buy them for my kitchen garbage can mainly. I’ve used some for yard debris, and of course some sharp little limbs might poke a hole – but they don’t rip apart from the hole. My trash cans tend to get overfilled sometimes – and yes, I’ve managed to tear them trying to get them out of a trash can now and then – but one would expect that with the weight I was dealing with.
I’ve read some people say they have an odor. I honestly haven’t noticed one, but then I haven’t stuck my nose to one, either. If there is one, it’s not a problem, at least not for me. You pull them out one by one, these are not on a roll so no tearing them off.
In my opinion and from my experience, these trash bags are a good quality and well worth the money, the quality is better than some I’ve bought that cost more.

February 24, 2018

Size: 39 gallons|Verified Purchase

I’ll use these but I won’t reorder.
Fit perfectly in a 32 gal trash can, even enough height to fold over the top so the bag doesn’t slide down into the trash can.
Despite the thickness of the bag (1.5mil) they tare and puncture easily. The plastic has almost no elasticity, it feels and acts more like the plastic from a roll of plastic sheeting then traditional trash bags.
For “Laws & Leaf” only they work okay, just no sticks – once a puncture leads to a tare is doesn’t stop. Just get another bag, remove the sharp object and re-bag.
Don’t try to fill with leaves then grab the top sides of the bag and try to compact, even dry leaves. Tie off only as shown in the picture on the box and do not overfill or compress.
I have just about torn off the top 4 inches of the bag quite a few times from closing up the bag, not being overly aggressive with it either they just puncture and tare that easily and once a tare starts the game is over with this bag.
I’m 52 years old and have used many brands of trash bags, even some no-name ones from a “Dollar Store”. These are, as far as I can recall, the most temperamental and prone to failure bags I have ever used.
I gave them two stars because I have been able to use about 70% of the bags without complete failure. But that “impressive” 70% comes from being very careful with what I put in them. No: wood, sticks, cardboard, or anything solid with right angles.
You get what you pay for.

May 20, 2017

Size: 39 gallons|Verified Purchase

These bags are a nice thickness. I have purchased about 6 boxes of these now over the past year. This last box seems to have a different texture to the plastic than all previous boxes. I did worry a bit, it seemed less thick. However, they are holding up just as well as the previous 5 boxes. The value you cannot beat. The only downside, is they are not drawstring. But, that does not matter to me since other drawstring bags, the drawstring just pulls out if bag is to heavy. Like I said, I have purchased at least 5 previous boxes of this brand. I won’t use anything else. I have used many, many brands in the past for much more money. You cannot even beat the price at Costco or Sam’s Club. Plus it ships straight to your home.

November 20, 2016

Size: 39 gallons|Verified Purchase

I use 3 different trash bags from thickness .9mil 1.1mil and 1.5mil which is the ULTRASAC. I will say by far the UltraSac is the weakest and most brittle of the three bags I use. It probably fits the best into my small 23 gallon trash can though that is why i keep using it. This is really better for an indoor application of wet garbage and kitchen scraps then an outside stick, brick, nails, etc…application. This really needs to be priced at about $17.99 for you to pull the trigger. It does have an odor but this is America we have begun to make most everything out of crap anyway so I wasn’t expecting some Japanese or German engineered magic bag…it does it’s job and I needed a trash bag. Again great fit for a 23 gallon trash can a bit loose at the top with a bit extra length to tie but no real stretchability.

March 5, 2016

Size: 39 gallons|Verified Purchase

I have been using these 39 gallon bags for a long time and loved them. This last box that I got were a little different. The bags were at least an inch more narrow then the other boxes I have gotten. I have a 32 or 33 gallon trash can that have handles on the side and these were always lose fitting, they would go past the handles very easily without stretching the plastic bag at all witch is why I always get a size larger then the size of my trash can, but this newest box is such a tight fit that I end up with the plastic stretching so much that i almost have holes in the tops of the bags. I don’t know if I just got a bad batch or if they have changed the size of the bags. The bags are really good bags and very strong but if the size of the bags are going to change with each box then they aren’t going to work for me. Once these are gone I will find different bags that are a little bit wider across.


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