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Brand New 35 Pieces Bonsai Tools Kit with a Tool Roll
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Brand New 35 Pieces Bonsai Tools Kit with a Tool Roll


  • to make sure this fits.

  • This is a brand new bonsai tools kit.

  • Included 30 pieces bonsai tools, and 5 wire rolls

  • These are for professional and master gardeners to shape a bonsai.

10 1/2″ Trunk Splitter (Carbon Steel)
11″ Knob Cutter (Carbon Steel)
11″ Concave Cutter (Carbon Steel)
11″ Cactus Pincers (Carbon Steel)
7″ Wire Cutter (Carbon Steel)
7″ Knob Cutter (Carbon Steel)
7″ Concave Cutter (Carbon Steel)
7″ Root Cutter (Carbon Steel)
8″ Wire Cutter (Carbon Steel)
8 1/4″ Knob Cutter (Carbon Steel)
8″ Concave Cutter (Carbon Steel)
9″ Jin Pliers (Carbon Steel)
4″ Cutting Shear (Carbon Steel)
4 1/4″ Leaf Cutter (Carbon Steel)
6″ Leaf Cutter (Carbon Steel)
7″ Butterfly Shear (Carbon Steel)
7 1/2″ Medium Cutting Shear (Carbon Steel)
7 3/4″ Bowed Shear (Carbon Steel)
7″ Long Handle Trimming Scissor (Carbon Steel)
8″ Long Handle Trimming Scissor (Carbon Steel)
3 Pieces – 8″ Pruning Shear (Carbon Steel)
8 1/2″ Root Rake with Spatula (Carbon Steel)
9″ Root Rake with Tweezers (Carbon Steel)
2 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ Branch Bender (Brass)
3″ x 2″ Large Branch Bender (Steel)
9″ Root Hook (Carbon Steel)
5 3/4″ Palm Brush
12″ Rod (Carbon Steel)
5 Roll anodized aluminum bonsai wire.
1 mm — approx long: 85ft., weight: 1.7oz(50mg).
1.5 mm — approx long: 35ft., weight: 1.7oz(50mg).
2 mm — approx long: 20ft., weight: 1.7oz(50mg).
2.5 mm — approx long: 12ft., weight: 1.7oz(50mg).
3 mm — approx long: 8ft., weight: 1.7oz(50mg).
Those wire for shaping and holding branches and trunks.
It easier to bend, and it is a brown color and blends in with the trees and branches.

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