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Eurmax Basic Pop Up Canopy Photo Booth Tent with Sidewalls (Burgundy)
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Eurmax Basic Pop Up Canopy Photo Booth Tent with Sidewalls (Burgundy)

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December 4, 2014

Color: Black|Verified Purchase

We run a photo booth rental company and needed a replacement for one of our canopies. For the price this canopy far exceeded my expectation. It may not be as heavy duty as some of our other, higher dollar, canopies. I also wish that the button for height adjustment and locking the canopy in place were made of metal, not plastic! But you get what you pay for. In this business if i have to buy one of these every year, its still worth its weight in gold. Good product would definitely recommend.

Update; we have now been using this canopy for over a year and it is still working very well. To my surprise, we have still not had any issue with the plastic fittings, or any part of the canopy, and it has definitely seen some miles.

If you are planning on using this tent for a photo booth plan on making some alterations. It comes as a solid box. There is not a door on each side as pictured. when it arrived i had to have a seamstress make the alteration the the canvass and then design us a set of curtains that can be Velcroed in. I am still giving this 4 stars because i was aware of this when i bought it, BUT if you can not do the alterations yourself, and you do not plan on spending the extra $$ to have it done this may not be the right product for you!

March 6, 2017

Color: Pink|Verified Purchase

I used this tent for the first time this past weekend, and it stood up to a storm that included wind, rain and hail like trooper. It’s sturdy and well made, a great buy for the price.

February 19, 2016

Color: Beige|Verified Purchase

I LUV my tent, the quality is high, and it is very very sturdy when anchored properly! Easy to unpack and put up, does take two and practice in the driveway or back yard before taking it to a show. About the third time you get into a nice rhythm and it goes up very quick. Lots of people stopping and asking about it, I could have sold several of these…LOL We got ours put away so fast we were helping others with their tents at the end of a show. Highly recommend this.

September 6, 2016

Verified Purchase

I love this thing. I leave the walls attached to each other, fold them up and just tuck them between the legs. I was able to set it up in three minutes!

October 20, 2017

Color: Red|Verified Purchase

Bought this as a replacement for a cheaper one that couldn’t withstand any wind and deteriorated promptly. This is a great product with very sturdy components. I would recommend this to anyone!

February 28, 2014

Color: Black|Verified Purchase

I ordered this product for a mobile Photo Booth business. It comes just as described, it very easy to set up. one person could do it but two would be better.

Although it says its flattop the canopy comes with the accessories required to make it one with the cone top, including the canopy top shaped for a cone type style. So you have the option between the two.

the zippers on the side panels are big and strong it doesn’t feel cheap. the side panels come with all the velcro installed so you can just put it together right away. (i got the flat top of the canopy first and then in another package a different day i received all the pop up canopy.)

the bag is also easy to put on and get out quick. It does not have a bottom so you don’t have to worry about the long run wear and tear that would occur from using it.

Its 5×5 but it feels very spacious. Perfect for a Photo Booth. it easily fits 5 people.

when i need another one i will definitely buy another one of these.

December 1, 2016

Color: Flat Black|Verified Purchase

Not really Pleased with this. Its okay, but could be way better!

I wanted to use this item a couple times before I gave this review. So Here it goes.

I opened the box and I knew I was going to have issues already. First thing I saw was that the Walls and Roof were not attached and I needed to attach them myslef. Its not a big deal, but with any of the other EZ-up Canopies I have gotten in stores and such, The roof was on it already. Was not a big deal, But I did notice that the walls and roof were in plastic bags on the outside of the main bag that holds the frame. So there isnt a bag or anything where you can store those. The roof can stay on it when it is closed up, but the walls will not fit. So they are left out. So keeping everything together might be an issue.

The bag that the Frame comes in is nice, does not have wheels on it like others I have, so I was really dis-appointed in that. In fact its not a full bag. The feet of the frame are exposed. Don’t know exact weight, but its at least 50lbs or 60 lbs and is not easy for the average person to move. The bag does have handles on one side, and toward the feet it has Velcro straps, but Straps pulled apart easy when lifting due to strain of the weight. I did like that on the inside of the Frame’s bag was the instructions on how to put up the frame and put the roof on, but not how to put the walls on. And there were also extra nuts and bolts. So to have pockets on the inside is cool. Im sure those are for the steaks and rope too, but those were in a separate bag. That’s another reason I don’t understand walls not having a bag.

The Frame seems ok. But it has issues too. Some of the screws and bolts were loose. Also, I did notice that around some of the bolt holes in the frame, part of the frame was Chipped.

The roof seems good. I would not suggest it for out doors if it rains, Because its a flat roof, if it Rains, the weight of the water will concave the roof and water will not drain. But it does seem like its made from good Material. In the picture, it does show that the roof is all black, well its not. Big Brand Label on one side. Not a big fan of that.

The instructions on how to put it up were picture based. Not hard at all. I set it up myself. The issues though fell in that the pictures did not match what I purchased. It showed that there were Velcro straps on the inside of the roof, of on the sides of the frame to bring them together for support. The Velcro straps were not there. Not sure if its supposed to be like this, or if my product did not come with them. Never the less, they are not there. There were also No instructions on how to put up the walls. Im not a dumb guy, I got the walls up, But they dont seem right. So maybe I am dumb. Since there are no instructions on how to put the walls up. I dont know if I did them right or not. But I will say It does not line up right or look right.

The walls seemed easy, but not really. Since there were no instructions on how to put them up, I tried to figure it out myself. I got them up, but the walls did not line up right, nor did they look right. There were 3 solid walls, and 1 zipper wall. On the top of each wall, there is a Velcro strip that attaches or Velcros to the bottom inside of the roof. Honestly, this should be a zipper, not Velcro. At times, while putting up the walls the Velcro was not holding and would fall. I started from one side, and as I got to the other, the first side was falling down. I tried from the middle, but then once I got to each side, it did not line up right. Also on the sides of each wall, along side the zipper, are Velcro straps to connect to the poles of the frame. But not on the top. Maybe if there were vertical velcrow straps that you can attach to the frame’s roof, it would be better. Because if the Velcro does not hold, the weight of the walls could bring down all 4 walls, almost as if you pants someone. The walls are made of good solid material that I really like, and when all 4 walls are up, it looks really nice and the inside is pretty Dark. I use this as a Photo Booth Enclosure, and it really helps to be able to control the light that comes in. I do wish that there were zippers On the top a long with Vertical Velcro straps to secure it better. I also wish there was more then one wall that had a zipper for an opening. The zipper wall is nice. As I mentioned, I wish there was more then one.

The Bracket latches on the Frame. I love those. They are great. Easy to use, and seem to be well made.

The price on this is really high, I do not think I got my monies worth on it, and I really dont think I would ever buy it again. Nor do I think I could recommend it to other people. Its a decent product in parts, but as a whole, and for the money spent, Its not. For what I got, I would think to pay $150, Maybe $175. But to pay $400 for it is not worth it.

April 25, 2017

Color: Light Pink|Verified Purchase

Very satisfied with this tent and have received many compliments!


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