Set Review: 6813 Galactic Chief

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Set Review: 6813 Galactic Chief

Postby BobaFett2 » Sat Oct 09, 2010 8:25 am

Like the Recon-Mech RP, I recently recieved the Galactic Chief from a neighbor of mine who is going off to college.This set is one of the few Space sets among them, and I will do my best to review them.
ImageGalactic Chief Front by LEGOBobaFett2, on Flickr
The Galactic Chief is one of the simplest Space sets, outside of the Classic Space theme, yet it is a great set. It has a great shape, and even though I dislike the colors, it pretty much works. But it's not perfect.
The Set
There's not much to say here, but I'll try. The set contains very few parts, so there's not too much in there. It's arrow-shaped (not that aerodynamics are necessary in space). It has two thrusters for propulsion, and being the great part that they are, they also double for lasers. The ship has a Trans Green windshield, of the kind which I have found is really difficult to make look good-which they have done. There's one fin on top, and the laser that the Space Policeman carrier goes on top of that (but I didn't put it up there because it looks bad and isn't actually how it's placed in the set). There's also a Space Police II logo 2x3 slope brick.
ImageGalactic Chief Front by LEGOBobaFett2, on FlickrImageGalactic Chief Bottom by LEGOBobaFett2, on Flickr
ImageGalactic chief Back by LEGOBobaFett2, on Flickr
-Trans Green Windshield, Space Police Printed Brick, the Fin, the Lasers/thrusters, the brick with tubes in the sides (SNOT), and the plate that gives it the wedge shape are all very nice, and compose a large portion of this set. 5/5
-It's very swooshable and guaranteed never to fall apart. Unlike some sets, it gets really boring on it's own though. 3.5/5
Color Scheme
-The color scheme isn't amazing, with red, light gray, black and trans green. It's the only thing I REALLY don't like about the line. 3/5
-This set is well designed, and is a great impulse set-totally worth it at it's time. 5/5
Overall: It could be better, but LEGO did a good job with what they had-4.125
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