6838 V-Wing Fighter

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6838 V-Wing Fighter

Postby BobaFett2 » Sat Oct 09, 2010 8:53 am

This set is among a group of sets I got from my neigbor as he went to his second year of college

The 6838 V-Wing Fighter is a set from the UFO theme, and is both simple and complex. It would seem that for it's size, not even UFO could make it flashy yet it is.
Image6838 Back by LEGOBobaFett2, on Flickr
The Set
The set is quite simple, but at the same time it works. It's got this look that isn't common even among larger space set, and looks great. It's color scheme isn't the best (Space Police II, anyone) but instead of Trans Green it's Trans Neon Green and Trans Neon Orange, which work a bit better with Light Gray, Black, and Red. The set has two large lasers, with a smaller laser in between them. There are two thrusters, along with a large thruster. The set has a dish beneath the back front.
Image6838 Back by LEGOBobaFett2, on Flickr
Image6838 Bottom by LEGOBobaFett2, on Flickr
-The set's design is great, and it's also simple-I really like it. 5/5
-Not amazing, but better than some. 3.5/5
-The set contains numerous rare parts (and useful ones too)-the most prominent of which are the wings. 4.5/5
-The set is swooshable, but like most other smaller sets it's boring on it's own. 4/5
-4: It's a great, great set, but it has it's flaws.
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