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Re: Best Bricklink?

Postby mdilthey » Mon Aug 30, 2010 2:06 am

Two weeks + across the pond, don't freak out yet. Two Reasons:

1. I put in an order, payment was accepted, and the Shipped status didn't happen for a week. They're just slow. They also don't answer e-mails.

2. There's a blurb on the front page that says expect delays.

With thousands of positive feedbacks, i doubt they'd scam you out of 2$ and unless you gave them a social security number, you aren't going to lose your identity. I would anticipate 2-3 weeks shipping overseas, being that they probably didn't ship for a week after you payed AND they'd default to slow, cheap service to get the most out of the 8$ you payed for shipping (Which every store does.)

Keep an eye on your account for 2 more weeks, then flip. Keep sending e-mails. Good luck :)
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