Classic Space... in Spaaaaace! (Space Roleplay)

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Re: Classic Space... in Spaaaaace! (Space Roleplay)

Postby Strange Animal » Tue Sep 25, 2012 3:39 pm

Ninja_Bait wrote:New exposition coming soon, hopefully to jumpstart this again.

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Re: Classic Space... in Spaaaaace! (Space Roleplay)

Postby Ninja_Bait » Wed Sep 26, 2012 3:11 pm


This morning, the emperor of the Grand Galactic Empire was assassinated by mysterious terrorists! They identify themselves as beings from beyond our galaxy, and have announced their intentions to conquer the whole galaxy!

The systems in the Mon Stella have already reported that skirmishes with these aliens have begun, and planets are falling to the invaders as we speak. The war congress has declared a state of extreme emergency and are calling on all able bodied spacers to join up in the defense of our sovereignty.

Are you going to answer that call?
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Re: Classic Space... in Spaaaaace! (Space Roleplay)

Postby Strange Animal » Mon Oct 01, 2012 9:42 pm

Introduction:With the money I made selling the gold engine rim I was able to get a fair sized shack in one of the only two cites in the Belton ice belts. I also got space suit in one of the many salvaged gear shops,its a little beat up but at least now i can scavenge off the many abandoned craft that float through the belts.Speaking of witch recently I found one of those old time projectile weapons, though I an't got no ammo.

Part one: As I sit in my shack listening to the intergalactic radio(I pinched off an old satellite),I hear the news about the assassination and all the guff about gaining honor and integrity if you come to the front and help take these aliens down. I'm about to turn it off when suddenly I hear this"5,000 credits for the capture of the alien ship for study at the Galactic empires HQ, The ship must have been put into autopilot and it has drifted out off our tracking range,the tracking number is 582-26-D20 find it and bring it to the closest galactic station for your reward"I quickly walk over to my cobbled together twice boosted tracking console and type in the number what do you know its only 9,521.5 miles out.I make up my mind to sell my last bit of gold to get the parts a need to finish the ship I have been working. I slip on my coat and run out into the street.

Note:I have been waiting for this for ages :) plz spacers don't let me down post up your part of the story. :space:
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