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In the Galactic Racing circuits, no-one can beat Jim Airborn! The young and foolhardy driver is well known for his manouevers and daring plans. After last years "meeting" with the officials and resulting media fuss (Jim really didn't notice that his "shortcut" went through busiest highway of the planet Rafoot, officer!), the young champion was immediately risen to the galactic stardom. The fuss meant that Jim was able to even more profilic and resourceful sponsors which in turn meant more powerful toys for Jim to experiment with. But this new ship, Wisp, is whole another story...

Wisp was quite small project for me and quite nice change in rhytm. The whole thing started with me playing with wheel arches. I originally imagined using them as a engines nozzles that could be spread around for bigger "flame effect" but once I actually built the engine, I noticed that the effect didn't work with the scale I wanted to build.

After that experiment, I tried to figure out more uses to those arches and after sometime, I just places empty tire next to it and heureka! Initial idea for Wisp was formed. I then quickly built Peterframe for cockpit module (same frame that I used in Kobold) and then just started working on the two parts. The total building time was only couple of hours which for me is amazingly fast.

More pictures at Brickshelf, MOCPages and Flickr.
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Re: Wisp

Postby Rook » Wed Dec 08, 2010 12:45 pm

Nice use of the BURPs. :D
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