MOC: Wryneck Tactical Fighter

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Re: MOC: Wryneck Tactical Fighter

Postby Leo-J » Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:24 pm

Ninja_Bait wrote:
Leo-J wrote:Hello all! Thank you for your comments. I actually never seen LEGO chrome parts. This MOC is made of 99% black pieces. The "metallic" effect is caused by putting a black subject on a black background. I suppose my black bricks are actually more"precious" now. :D


My mind has asploded. You have committed a crime against optics. Or photoshop.

Maybe against optics but not photoshop. I do not even own photoshop. I have GIMP, but the only two functions I know how to use is image resize and auto white balance. :D

My DSLR is set to auto. When it does its autoexposure thingie, it produces what you see here.
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