Scimitar Tank

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Re: Scimitar Tank

Postby QQS » Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:38 am

legosammy wrote:its funny i am also building a space police III tank with those type of tracks

I'm looking forward to see it ;)

-2x4- wrote:Great work, the picture is just brilliant!

Thank You, just magic of GIMP :D

_zenn wrote:Really nice, it makes me wonder what it's up against.

Well, I haven't created oponents for him yet. But I'm sure it has to be something special ;)

Admiral Netsooj wrote:I find it utterly fasinating that the Space Police have a tank. Most (all, rather) Police I have seen don't have a tank.

That's true.

Admiral Netsooj wrote:Really nice MOC you have here. Colour scheme is spot on, and the side panels on the side really do flow with it. Not to mention the picture of it squishing that car is awesome.

Thank you!
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