'Kojista' Jungle Marauder Mech

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'Kojista' Jungle Marauder Mech

Postby -Vulcan- » Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:56 am


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Welcome to the jungle... It gets worse here everyday...

It accommodates a miniature figure!

This one started with the two big fender parts from the thunder driller. I just placed them next to each other and thought “this would make a good mecha…”
This build is ridiculously fragile. The two ‘halves’ of the ‘torso’ are held shut with a rubber band, because nothing else would close up the mecha and keep the fender parts as close together as possible to get my desired effect. Lego did the same thing in their UCS AT-ST so it's fine if I do. But the rubber band just makes the build more finicky to hold together. Oh well, I think it’s pretty cool. And hey LIME!
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Re: 'Kojista' Jungle Marauder Mech

Postby Stargorger » Wed Aug 25, 2010 3:15 pm

Awesome looks! But yeah, I would imagine the playability of it would be near nil... I'm not sure if you know about the two 'egg mechs' on Brickshelf but they look similar in how the limbs are put together... I made a pair of my own based-off the Bricklink designs and comparing them to yours, this one probably holds-up about as well as they do, which is to day they collapse into rubble at any sudden movement.

But it looks awesome, right?!
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