Unfaithful V2: "Pancake Breakfast"

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Unfaithful V2: "Pancake Breakfast"

Postby mdilthey » Thu Sep 02, 2010 1:05 am

Front by MDilthey, on Flickr

Back by MDilthey, on Flickr

Unfaithful Class Freighter
The Honorable "Pancake Breakfast"

Captain: Zark Stilt-Genard

Custom-outfitted Long Distance / Hyper-efficient Cargo Transport.
Lightly Armed: One repeating laser mounted in the personnel area, two concussive missiles, several miniscule debris lasers.

0.8-class Hyperdrive, 1 earth year travel range, 1.5y if the hold is dedicated to supplies.

Incidentally, it's the first model i've done with Bley of any kind! I put the old dark and light greys behind me. Months ago, my old greys were so old I started using black. I like this better :D
Enjoy ;D

Here's the full set, with descriptions:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/mdilthey/s ... 860767700/
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Re: Unfaithful V2: "Pancake Breakfast"

Postby Blackicep8ntball » Thu Sep 02, 2010 7:22 am

SOOO happy to see this guy back! I'll be back tonight to look at it in more detail...

Edit: So I got a little time before tonight - here are some initial thoughts:

I can easily tell you spent tons of time enlarging and adding features and playability. I'm really digging the improved cargo capacity and two bay areas - very functiona. The expanded cockpit for full standability (is that a word?) is a very nice addition as well. One of the best additions to this version, though, is the work you put into the two rear side engines - I like the shape they give the ship from the rear, and their increased size and better shaping are a significant improvement. I also like how you kept the left and right sides of the ship different from each other... the proportions (or should I say "disproportions") of the ship are still just sick!

A few things I'm wary about:
First, the old ship wasn't quite so busy outside with antennas and colors - While the old one still had a lot going on, it wasn't to the point of distracting from the ship's proportions and structure. Unfortunately, I think this one is a bit distracting. I think it's the light grey and bley - I know you were excited to be able to use those colors on this addition, but I just really liked how the black, white and tan came out on the old one :) .

I'm also kinda sad to see the little port go that you had on top of the original. The sensor array you added is cool, but I just liked that port - it kept the top looking functional but still clean looking.

Overall man, this is a nice second version, and I'm thrilled you took the time to do it. I lot of people just leave abandon the old version and never make the improvements. Keep it coming bro.
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Re: Unfaithful V2: "Pancake Breakfast"

Postby mdilthey » Thu Sep 02, 2010 6:03 pm

Thanks, man! I appreciate the critiques!
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