Freighter SHIP WIP

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Re: Freighter SHIP WIP

Postby nitrobenz » Fri May 06, 2011 4:17 am

Coming along very nicely, are you going to go for rotating engine pods (that's what your ref pic looks like it has to me). Are you going to keep those angled blocks in the back when you translate from Ref to build? that could get tricky...
edit: just noticed page 2 and had to comment on your scooters, love 'em! For some reason they made me think of Firefly... not sure why :? Also, Don't disregard my previous questions, even though you answered them in page two. I still think you should go for the swivel engines and angle blocks near the aft, I'll see if I can mock up some design ideas if I get a chance to get at my Legos next week.
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