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Greetings Programs!

Postby Space Junkie » Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:28 pm

Just wanted to say hey to all of you FOLs out there. I am an AFOL and am 38 years old. I was an avid builder in the early 80's and had a ton of LEGO my girlfriend, when I was 19, convinced me to give to her brother. I wen tthrough my Dark Ages, buying sporadically through the nineties, that was until Star Wars mixed with LEGO in 1999. For 7 years I bought everything Star Wars LEGO and my wife was starting to go into ABS overlaod. I had to limit my buying. Now I buy only the sets I like and my son, who is now 10, has picked up the hobby as well. We started to buy him LEGO when he was five. All of my Star Wars sets are still together, in zip-lock bags. The rest of my older sets are in pieces that I have been sorting for what seems like forever. When I get close to being done, a friend will bring their son's old LEGO to me. Then the sorting starts again. I will never get finished.

Right now my primary interest is Space Police III and some of the new Star Wars August sets that are coming out. I can't ressit the large minifgs subs, so I have the Atlantis one that doubles as a base and also the full Aqua Raider's II line from a couple years ago. I am currently building a SP III police station on LEGO Digital Designer. I only have completed one level and the price is already up to $250.00. It is being done in Moonbase Standard. I have a lower and upper level to complete still. This thing is going to tap my year's LEGO budget in one shot. See you around on the boards.

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