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Postby Scooter » Thu Feb 09, 2012 3:40 pm

Thanks for the welcome! I was 13/14 when I entered my dark ages, which I suspect is pretty common. Of the post-classic space stuff, Exploriens in particular catches my attention - I have recently acquired the Nebula Outpost and Scorpion Detector. As there are only nine Exploriens sets, I might have a go at getting them all. I've always found Futuron a bit dull for some reason. And that big (at the time) change in uniform and colour scheme was one of the reasons I entered my dark ages when I did. I have though got hold of a couple of small Futuron sets recently too.

Oh, and I couldn't resist buying an Alien Conquest Earth Defense HQ which was on offer in Tesco recently, and I think I might have to get some more from that fun range...
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