Hi from Finland!

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Hi from Finland!

Postby TheQ » Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:40 pm

Greetings fellow spaceship engineers!

I am quite saddened to see the old Classic-Space Forums to go but oh well, it's better not to dwell in the past while you can help the future. So, hello all CSF writers and lurkers. I am Tuomas "TheQ" Kukkamaa and I currently live at Oulu, Finland. I am mostly scifi-builder and I enjoy building mechas and other vehicles but I am also interested in TECHNIC and Town also. In addition to building, I am also quite busy with the community side of the hobby by being Ambassadork and admin of the Finnish LUG, Palikkatakomo.

I look forward for all the interesting discussions and amazing creations that we will see here! It's nice to see the CSF's story didn't end at one hacking :)
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