What is up with Classic-Space

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Re: What is up with Classic-Space

Postby Skull Thuggery » Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:29 am

Much, much better. The default theme looked too temporary, now this place looks like an active forum.

Well done.
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Re: What is up with Classic-Space

Postby Stargorger » Fri Feb 11, 2011 10:13 am

I love the new look, better than the old site. I think the difference is the old site looked like a Lego site...the new one looks like a Space site. I like the more stylish sleeker lines and the space background. Very Nice!

I don't know programming much but I do know HTML and I am also a pretty good graphics artist familiar with both Photoshop and Corel Painter which is what I mainly use. If you need any artwork, backgrounds, or whatever let me know!
I'd love to help with setting-up more of a main page though. While the forums are great for us, they're not really informative or helpful for newcomers, young lego fans, or what-have-you. I think the site still needs a main page with menu bar, etc...
The forums are awesome and should be linked on the side, but we need the articles back, we need a Factions page again, we need a Links page, we need a Stories/Comics page, we need a news feed, we need community wiki/scripting space, and we need a community connections page with links to a FB, Twitter, etc...
I'd be more than happy to help with any and all of that...write-up text/descriptions, code for formatting, design backgrounds, whatever. "I gotwhatyaneed!" :-)
Also a couple other things that weren't on the old page and I always wished there were:
1. An 'instructions' page. We need a page where new users (especially younger ones) can come to read mini instruction booklets for some of the simpler lego creations we've made over the years. Now, I can make the instruction booklets (in PDF form, or flash) for designs that I know, like the egg-mech, generic vic-viper, etc....but this is something that will require more involvement from you guys, even if that just means sending me step-by-step photos of you building it.
2. A 'games' page. Not that we need to invent or host games per se, but in order to draw-in more folks and get them connected with the Classic Space community we need game links. I know there are other lego games out there, but even just linking to the individual ones on the Lego website would be good. Something to make this site the one-stop portal for all things Lego Space.
3. A news feed page. I know I already mentioned this but it needs more explanation: we need a LIVE update feed. Something where noteworthy lego news, photos, video, Lego website updates, whatever can be constantly monitored and updated. Obviously, this would be a time-consuming job for a person, so what would be ideal is a page that links scripts to the coding of other sites: Bricklink, LUG.com, Flickr, Lego.com, etc...and updates according to new headlines in the script. I don't currently have the code for this but I know it exists and should be simple to find/acquire. As a last resource I can get my father-in law to send me a code for it...he designs database-gathering systems and robots programs for a living so...shouldn't be too hard.

Anyway, I realize this is a lot to propose and throw-at you guys, but I've had this sudden burst of creative energy and think we can do it. Not me alone...hehe, I don't have THAT much free time...and it will take a while to get everything there, but it's feasible. One thing at a time. I'll draw0up some workflow plans and basic coding ideas/etc... and send them PM to...whoever the mods are...once I find them...and post them on the forums, but I'd like to hear you guys' reactions? Thoughts? Suggestions?
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Re: What is up with Classic-Space

Postby Stefan » Fri Feb 11, 2011 8:20 pm

Yeah, congratulations on the new design, it looks fabulous! I love it!
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