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Re: Two Space MOCs

Postby Stargorger » Tue Mar 29, 2011 7:17 am

jamesster wrote:The first one is a redesign of an older MOC, the second one has been hanging around on my shelf for a while but wasn't really finished until now.

The first one (the redesign): ... c09490.jpg ... c09491.jpg ... c09492.jpg ... c09494.jpg ... c09495.jpg

The second one: ... c09483.jpg ... c09484.jpg ... c09485.jpg ... c09486.jpg ... c09487.jpg

Don't ask me how the second one flies. It's probably got some anti-gravity device or something. :P

Or space mice. ;-)

I like the sleek curved front of the second, especially in how you integrated the windshield: I dont see that part used often in newer space MOCs and you did a good job of blending the shapes.
That said the body could use a bit more color: perhaps switch out a pair or two of those angled bricks that make-up the spine for some green ones?
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Re: Two Space MOCs

Postby nitrobenz » Thu Mar 31, 2011 2:52 pm

I feel like you lost some charm when you didn't include the wingtip spires at all on the redesign, it makes the tiny wings look vestigial and the spires gave the original a somewhat distinct look, especially with each one being half the size of the fuselage. The new one is pretty sleek for a studs up design, but without room for a minifig pilot. Hope you don't mind my saying, but I think another redesign may be in order: SNOT techniques (the second one here shows you could with some practice) and please bring back the wingtip spires.
The Second one, lovin' the sleek design and how you pushed the impression of vents all the way around the back. I could see this one as a light spaceport tug.
And by the way, few will fault a wingless spacecraft ;)
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