Put Your Brick Where Your Mouth Is - RESULTS!

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Put Your Brick Where Your Mouth Is - RESULTS!

Postby Inquisitor General » Sat Aug 14, 2010 4:23 pm

As you all know, these results have been long delayed. The reasons are manifold, including writing individual feedback for each entry, the tragic hacking of the site, and the dreaded "real life."

The time has come to post the winners. I will then reply with my individual feedback, as will Mark Stafford.


In the $5 Category - Racing Speeder

In the $10 Category - Moon Mobiles

In the $20 Category - Mechlomania

In the $50 Category - Moondust Schoolbus

In the $100 Category -CH90
(This was a tough category to judge, Mark even brought in several other designers to help out. In the end, we didn't love any of the entries, but went for the playability of the CH90, as it showed potential).

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Re: Put Your Brick Where Your Mouth Is - RESULTS!

Postby Inquisitor General » Sat Aug 14, 2010 4:29 pm

Here are the comments that I came up with, as I was doing my share of the judging for this contest. I copied a URL for the image posted with each entry, and hopefully they all still work here.

Solar Explorers - $5 category.
This is a cute rover. I appreciate the unorthodox construction, using a set of technic beams to do a stud reversal. I'd like to see a little bit more color, though, as this could make a bigger visual impact.

Nathan's Rocket - $20 category?
I'm guessing that this is intended for the $20 category, although it's a bit over in parts count. I very much like the two different radii of the struts for the fins, it's great look. I don't really like the light gray bits mixed in (especially the 3-way pieces, which stand out alone). I like the checker patter on the virtual color scheme, but not the blue? of the engine pods.
Vic Viper - $5 category.
I like the front prongs/fins and their attachment looks good. I'm curious how strong that is, whether they wobble or move up and down. I also like the yellow and dark bley together, although the placement is a little disorganized.

Unnamed starfighter - $20 category.
I'm putting this in the $20 category, as it's well over the part count for a $10 set. The engine or bomb on the bottom looks really cool. I like the various prong shapes, and the small angle between the front and back wings. It looks very rectangular in the orthogonal views, but looks much better in the 3/4.
Lunar Mascon Explorer - $50 category.
There is a LOT going on here. I appreciate the attention to a back story, and the wide variety of play features. It's cool that the pod and rover things connect together, although some of the connections look a little flimsy. Overall, I think I'd like to see one or two fewer vehicles, with a little more detail and solidity worked onto those remaining.

Vendetta Fightercraft - $50 category.
I like this shape of this thing, nice style. I also like the color choices, but I wish that there was more lime.
M83 Diamondback - $50 Catergory.
I like the dark green, and I'm a big fan of the shape at the nose. I also like the fins on the edges of the wings, and the engines there. Nice job greebling the underside as well. I fear for the strength of the wings. I think that I'd have preferred to see this trimmed down to make the $20 category. It's far too small for a $50 set, it just doesn't seem worth that price on the shelf.

SFS2 Shuttle - $20 Category
Decent work on the greebs, and the cockpit arrangement isn't bad. It just doesn't feel like a cohesive whole to me, though.

Blasterbike Burnout - $5 Category
I think that the orange bike is great. The green and black one, less so. It should probably drop one of the greens.
http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3338/464 ... 3db532.jpg[/img]
Pinchbot stuff across various categories
I like the idea of scaling the pinchbot shape to different sizes, to make larger bots and stuff. I would prefer more details or color, though. The large expanses of black on the big craft just aren't exciting.

CYGNUS Corp. EPERON - $20 Category
Probably should have added something to the set to use more of the $20 part limit. It's a cool shape, although the colors are just a tiny bit spotty. I see that it was entered a second time with a base. Much better playability.

Limeroof Loft - $50 Category
Where's the lime roof? Seriously, though, this appears to bring a lot of playability to this price point. The colors are also well organized, and it generally looks good. I'm a little worried about the narrow base, as it might tip over a lot during play.

Lunaropolis - Various categories
These are all pretty well designed, but I don't understand why you chose to ignore the price points set in the contest rules, to use your own. Lovely stuff, though.
http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4058/464 ... 3f968f.jpg[/img]
Yellow racing speeder - $5 category
This is pretty stylish. Personally, I'd probably go with either the blue or black, but it still looks pretty nice.

Galaxtic Miners - $10 Category
Fun playability. Seems to basically be Power Miners in space, though.

Star Frontiers
Pilot Grizz - $5 Category
I really appreciate the inclusion of serveral alternate models. Good color organization. It's a little boring, though.
Parasite - $20 category.
This is pretty awesome. Tons of play features, and it looks great!

Police Mecha - $20 Category
Well done. It looks quite good, and appears to be very posable. It could use a nice sticker treatment, with some Police logos and so forth.

PDGON-37 Manta Ray - $20 Category
Sorry, the rules aren't to determine a value, they're to build to one of the price points offered. It looks pretty good, though. I like the wing shape. I wish the canopy was a different color, I don't like the trans orange with yellow.

Lunar Sports Cycle - $10 category
This seems small for a $10 set. It has a fun shape, though.

Interplanetary Racing Circuit - Various categories
Some of these have a bit of a rainbow warrior feel, while others are quite nice. I like the tan and dk bley one (unsurprisingly).

Stefan's Space Creations - various categories
I appreciate the inclusion of two different ships in the larger set. Both ships have too much black, though, it doesn't photograph well, and doesn't pop. Plus, they look so similar, it's hard to tell if they're on the same side, or enemies.

Fatayanke - Various categories
Great job fitting an entire fig into a suit so small. It's quite cute! In general, these seem to have good playability. The large ship looks like fun, although it's a little jagged for my taste. Nice idea with the detachable escape vehicle.

Scout Bike - $5 Category
Good color organization. I think that the wheels should be larger, so it can go off road.

Jungle Stalker vs. Cyclops Assassin - $20 Category
Well done! This is quite nice!

Light Cargo Transport - $20 Category
Great play features! I like the landing gear, and the large cargo area. I wish that the engines were a matching color.

Neo Classic Space Lunar Lander - $20 Category
I seem to recall a rule about not rehashing old themes... This is pretty nice. It looks good and like it has a lot of playability.
My comments for the larger set are similar. Great play features, and nice remake of a classic, but certainly seems to break that rule about old themes.

Crazy arms on this thing! It looks good, although I'd like a bit of an accent color, I think you've used almost enough trans lt green for it to do the job.

The Infiltrator - $5 Category
This is a neat little ship. It crams a lot of parts into a pretty small shape, though.

Anvil-class starfighter - $20 Category
Cool ship! Interesting shape, good color blocking.

Zombie Scene - $10 Category
I'll take zombies as sci-fi, no problem there. I like the use of lighting in this creation. There seem to be a lot of parts used for the grass, that would probably be better used for more play features.

ChromaTeam vs. Vexx - $20 Category
The chroma team idea is cool, and I appreciate the throw-back idea. It seems like you tried to do too much within the parts limit, though. It seems stretched thin.

The Paleman's Stuff - Various Categories
These are all well built, they look good, and playable. The only one I"m not really feeling is Squingy McGee, it kinda seems too much like a pod-racer.

CH-90 Heavy Lift VTOL and Mobile Science Lab on Charia - $100 Category
Wow, long name! There is a LOT going on in this set. It looks like there are some fun play features, but the ship is quite splotchy in color scheme. It's very cool that it picks up the building, though.

Biotron MOCs - Various Categories
Some of these are quite nice. They all at least have nice features, and clean simple color schemes.

SF-1 'Starskipper' - $20 Category
This is a neat little ship! It seems small, though, even if it's considered in the $10 category.

Mechlomania - $20
Great play features! The gun arms look bad to me, but the rest ain't bad, and they're playable.

Malkiir defence fighter - $10 Category
Interesting color scheme. I can dig that, but it's just so flat!

Barrel Bot - $5 Category
Barrel Bot is awesome! It's cute, and I especially like the wrench antenna on the back. Why are its feet blue?
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Re: Put Your Brick Where Your Mouth Is - RESULTS!

Postby Nabii » Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:21 pm

Here's the criteria I was looking out for in the MOCs, 5 things:
1. Stability - how likely is this model to last a reasonable amount of time in the hands of a 7 year old who may not have played with LEGO bricks before.
2. Buildability - is it possible for a 7 year old to build this model from pictures on a flat surface. Are there any non-LEGO-legal building techniques.
3. Playability - what other added aspects are there to the model to to encourage kids to create a further play scenario then the obvious one.
4. Realism - Okay, you may have used the appropriate number of parts, but you are a LEGO fan, you know 3 minifigures in a $5 set is not realistic, same with too many large panels etc.
5. Swooshability - pure coolness, this is also a MOC competition, and it should look as funky and excellent as you can make it.

I hope you understand these took a lot of thought to score them on the above, but the comments are not very extensive and the points I did choose to make I've tried to concentrate on what could be improved next time, so I apologize if I seem to be negative or overly harsh to anyone.

That said here's the $5-00 Category

1. David Parkin - Solar Explorers (? elements)
Nice realistic sized model with a radar dish and opening box - lost marks because of the unusual upside down construction. This would not be an easy model for children to build. Also although I understand the wheel issue those elements are not a good choice for wheels!

2. Dan Effran - The yellow Blur (46 elements)
Very large for the price point so it lost some points on realism. Also the two front prongs are attached in a slightly dodgy way. However good swooshability and a nice looking spacecraft.

3. Nolnet - Blaster Bike Burnout - (50 elements)
Loads of Playability as there are two competing riders and a lot of swooshability, they also seem pretty stable and buildable. But you lost a lot on realism of this being a set! Two figures and two motorcycle fairings in a $5 set is pretty much impossible! Very nice though, and in fact very similar to sketch models of spacebikes made for Space Police 3 by myself, Tim Ainley and Adam Grabowski - so you're in good company!

4. David M Pickett - Pinchbot Battlepack - (48 elements)
I like the consistency of your Pinchbot theme across you entries. Kinda cute, kinda freaky. They look buildable and reasonably stable. Fun to play with etc. I'm a bit lost as to what they are though, aliens? Robots? Good Guys or Bad Guys? What do they do and are tehy in conflict with anyone else or explorers or what. This nebulous quality that stops them being iconic/recognizable lost you a few points.

5. Dover (Drew) - Bubblejet Scooter - 23 elements
Only 23 elements? And still cool as hell. Got a real soft spot for this one, I guess because it gives me a Snowcrash vibe. Nice addition to the Lunaropolis vehicle pool, and the M-tron-esque 'P' is a great touch too, also buildable and stable, and it looks like it could pass a model committee tomorrow! Cool.

6. Dover (Drew) - Micro Motorcar - 50 elements
Like a lot of the entries to the $5-00 category this is ambitious for the price. But it's also damn cool, a space mini, and one with a Union Jack on the roof too was always going to call out to my homesickness for the UK! It's a nice clean build, looks stable and buildable and very swooshable.

7. Jake - Racing Speeder - 50 elements
I love the look of this thing, great colour use and very swooshable indeed. I'm a bit worried by the stability and buildabilty of it. For example how does it rest when it's not on the stand? That said apart from the trike element the rest of the parts are pretty small and it seems pretty realistic for the size. Octan in space is a favourite idea with me too, and that cross pollination of identity got you a few points too. Nice one.

8.Ted A. - Star Frontier Pilot Grizz - 50 elements
Yeah, alternate bonanza! Very cool idea, though the playability might be limited to the figure and swooshing the ships the inclusion of four alternate models boosts this a lot. Buildable, stable and realistic in parts size and choice. Good job.

9. Phil Memmer - ICP1G 'The Pig' - ? elements (looks under 50)
A very cool racing speeder, and the SNOT work on the bottom makes it very swooshable, but also quite challenging to build (so that about evened out) I really like the effect of the two shape elements at the back and the wings are well locked in and effective for making it look cool. It's nice.

10. Forseti (Stefan) - Interstellar Void Explorer - 52 elements
The black and transparent red look really good here despite the difficulty of photographing a black and white model against a white background. The ship seems pretty stable, buildable and swooshable so I'm happy! Still I'm not sure I would "explore the interstellar void" on such a small ship no matter how cool it is!

11. Fatyankee (Dean) - Lunar Robo-suit - 50 elements
Now this is cool, it's got a drill, a grabbing claw articulated legs and an interesting opening cockpit. It also seems buildable and reasonably stable as well as just being cool and cute! The colour choice is a bit dull, grey and white, yeah Futuron 2 maybe, but a nice red or green stripe might have lifted this as a MOC - for judging this competition I ignored it. Great little guy.

12. Chris_7086 - Scout Bike - 68 elements
(moved to $10 comments - 68 elements!)

13. Leo J. - +++The Infiltrator+++ - 50 elements
Cool microscale spacecraft. Seem pretty solid and very swooshable. Not much playability though, no minfigure, no functions etc. also so far Microscale has been exclusive to Star Wars and Brickmaster sets. That said if we were going to expand it into other themes then this wouldn't be a bad start at

14. The Paleman (Don) - Crystal Study - 56 elements.
I kinda like this, I can see a kid really getting into the robot arms and picking up and moving crystals around. It's pretty buildable, looks stable and it's fun. Can't think of much else to say really. Good job.

15. Martin Latta - Biotron Speeder - 45 elements.
Biotron is definitely the best rounded faction anyone entered, it has a consistent colour scheme and an overall style that is both appealing and totally new. This small speeder is swooshy, realistic and fun. I'm a little concerned with stability when a kid is trying to put the figure in and out of it, it looks like it might be in danger of flying apart. The ball joint on the back is also a puzzle, makes me wonder if it can be dragged around by your $10-00 entry! Cool swooshy little speeder.

16. Hans Stoetzer (Lego97) - "my entry" - 54-ish elements.
There's no minifigure or space for one so I'm assuming this is midi or micro-scale. The yellow and black warning colour scheme is always powerful and this does look very swooshable. I just wish it had some functions to add more playability. A nice fast looking spaceship, I look forward to seeing how your future MOCs turn out!

17. Angus Maclane - Barrelbot MK1 - 44 elements.
Funky. Looks like it escaped from Lost in Space. "Danger Mark Stafford!" No tools, but I can see a kid adding this to existing mini-figs and having a blast with their new robot pal. Looks reasonably buildable, stability seem okay though the arms made with revolvers may be prone to falling off, putting parts into cross holes is discouraged these days! It looks great though, so scored well on swooshability!
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Re: Put Your Brick Where Your Mouth Is - RESULTS!

Postby Nabii » Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:28 pm

$10-00 Category:

1. Grizzly 10513 - Galaxatic Miners Hypersled Ambush - 99 elements
This scored really high, it's swooshable, it's realistic in style and content and it seem buildable and stable. Really nice job. The idea of space miners, on an ice planet and two factions are all classic tropes and go to the core of the playability of most Playthemes. This really suits the price point well. Well done Grizzly.

2. Phil Memmer - ICP 2V - ? elements (looks under 100 though)
A huge swooshy space racing bike, yeah man, that's cool. The buildability seems a bit dubious with the bionicle feet underneath and final stability during play won't be great with those two wings sticking out of the bottom. Still it's a nice funky model which is iconic and easy to decode. Good work.

3. Phil Memmer - Lunar Sport Cycle - 99 elements
Another bike from you, but I think I prefer this one, it seems a bit more thought out - and those are nice wheels too. I can also see how to build this model and see that it should be stable once built. Wheels are always good for playability too, even if driving seems to be the only function it has. It's a nice looking model though and I could easily see this as a sketch model that would develop into be a set.

4.Fatyankee (Dean) - Moon Mobiles - 86 Elements
Two small ships are always inherently more playable then one, one can need rescuing, or can discover something and call the other, plus two characters can talk to each other. These are explorers and they work well as such. Easy builds by the look of it - always popular with marketing if the age limit is lower rather then higher - the piece count is realistic (if a little low for what the rules of this competition allowed) and they are very swooshable. Good job.

12. Chris_7086 - Scout Bike - 68 elements
(moved from $5 comments - 68 elements!)
The moving of category here actually helped you in realism as this is much more likely as a $10 set. That said, wow, amazing stud reversals and angles on this, as a MOC impressive. However for what I was looking for in buildability and final stability I'm very dubious about it, I just don't think a young kid could follow a series of pictures showing how to make this, sorry. As a small space bike MOC however it's excellent!

13. Dawn of the Brick (Michael) - Those Aren't Hotdogs - 97 elements.
I do wonder what are they then? Of course Zombies are sci-fi, though not very swooshable, but that category is also a way to rank 'cool' and this is damn cool. Looks both buildable and stable and reasonably realistic. Nothing like an undead barbeque to lighten up a weekend.

14. Dan Efran - Planetary Scout - 100 elements.
One of my bosses at work has told me the key to set building is 'building with air' basically figuring out how a small number of pieces can give a big size impression, you nailed that skill with this model, though I can see it caused some stability issues. There's great playability with the separating cockpit buggy and it doesn't look at all bad either. I'm amazed you've had no comments on you MOCpage and I encourage everyone to go and say something, this is a great little ship with a cool function and I'd love you to go and cycle through the MOC again without the parts restriction and show us all how cool it would be as a $20 or greater set!

15. Phil Memmer - Artic Attack Shuttle - 99 elements
Good spacey colour scheme and a nice swooshy vehicle. It kinda falls between iconic vehicles though, a but to big to be a one man speeder, the wings a bit too leg like - but not enough to transform into a mech, the guns very impressive but there isn't enough armour to feel like a fighter. I hope you understand what I mean, this was so close to being uber cool but it doesn't quite go far enough in one direction. Excellent buildability and stability though and some interesting parts use.

16. Martin Latta - Biotron Exploration Vehicle - 100 elements.
I actually feel the colour scheme seems a bit washed out in this one, a touch more green, or some of the lime green you used in some other Biotron vehicles would have helped. Still it a nice vehicle with a detachable back and I can see some play possibilities. The rear SNOT wall is very nice looking, but I wish you gone with a more stable and buildable stud up version and saved a couple of elements for a rock or something in the rear compartment, as it is, is looks amazing, but there's not much to play with. Love the white wheels, reminds me I should use mine on something!

17. Moon Man (Tristan) - Malkiir Defense Fighter - 94 elements.
A midi scale entry, and very swoosahable. The fully SNOTed wings would be very difficult to build for most kids as it's hard to stack the elements and push down on them. That said I really like the way you did the engines on this, a very novel approach and a classic black and white (space shuttle style) colour scheme makes this a very iconic Delta winged craft. Cool entry.
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Re: Put Your Brick Where Your Mouth Is - RESULTS!

Postby Nabii » Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:39 pm

$20-00 Category

1. Diehl - Asteroid Gas Dock - 'around 230 elements'
Okay, you lost a lot of marks from the stability and buildability of the model, it looks like it would be too delicate to hand to a kid and almost impossible for them to build. That said it has some playability and a reasonable swoosh factor. An exact piece count closer to the 200 parts limit would have been nice too.

2.Smartiac (Nathan Proudlove) - Classic Rocket Flight - 211 elements
Insanely good Swooshabilty and it looks fantastic. I was worried about the buildability of a three way engine attached in this way, but your instructions prove it is possible if a little challenging. You lost some marks on playability as apart from the clever opening cockpit there are no other functions and the number of elements is a bit high, but given the final results I can see a marketing person cutting you some slack on that! Well done.

3. Pasukura76 (Pascal) - Bakudan Starfigher - 132 elements
A believable sized model for the price-point, lost some marks on the SNOTed wings as it's hard to handle so not as stable as would be needed to let kids play with. Sorry - however it looks great and it scored high on swooshability! Loved the use of this printed cockpit with the yellow highlights too, nice design.

4. Phil Memmer - 2SF2 Shuttle - 199 elements
Nice sized, swooshable. A lot more large elements then I think a $20-00 set could support, but not too overly ambitious. No other functions then the opening cockpit though, also a little derivative of Anakin's and other Coruscant speeders (though that may be subconscious). Still good colour usage and like I said very swooshable. Nice MOC.

5. David M Pickett - Microscale Pinchbot Mothership - 199 elements
Not mini-fig scale, but it still managed to keep up the playability with the microscale landers. The black on black is a hard to photograph and make building instructions tough. You are also pushing the element cost with 8 huge elements so you lost some points in realism! I always liked saucers though and it does look incredibly swooshable.

6. Shamisenfred - Cygnus Corp Eperon and 'Abalon' Supply Platform - 202 elements
The later inclusion of the supply platform definitely lifted this in the rankings, the inclusion of tools and a small base and 2 figures all helped boost it's playability, the build doesn't seem too SNOTed either and it also looks stable. A very nice realistic sized set full of swooshability too.

7. Dover (Drew) - '57 Del Royo - 169 elements
There was a definite meme of flying cars and Lunar based stuff in this competition and your Lunaropolis theme took it to the max. Love the look of this model and the addition of the traffic cop adds playability. I wish there had been a couple more pictures so I could see the rear and more of the build, I had to hedge my bets on how buildable it is! A really nice entry that scored highly.

8. Ted @ndes. - The Parasite - 157 elements
Playability and swooshability to the max! Very cool looking and kinda freaky, a good alien ship. The modularity and interchangeable sections are very good playability and the model looks fairly stable. However the combination of bionicle and system is quite difficult to build and this looks more like a bionicle model then a system one with bionicle elements. (As a MOC definitely one of my favourite entries.)

9. Pete Corp. - Robot Mech Agrandiss - 146 elements
I really like the appearance of this one, very clean and a well proportioned mech. The use of the bike body is also nice (lots of different uses for these across everyone's entries). Remember to post a link in future, but once I got to your brickshelf I was impressed by the articulation of the model. Still very delicate though, so lost a few points on stability and also not very much studs up building so difficult to give it a high buildability score. It's nice to see Space Police 4 as a theme though, and this is an astounding good small mecha!

10. Flame Vader - PDGON-37 Manta Ray - 135 elements
Groovy little ship and a very interesting piloting position that I'm sure is fun to swoosh around. The sideways wings and underside would not be particularly stable however so it lost a few points here and I can't see an easy way to build it. Still it's fun and cool and I like it.

11. Forseti (Stefan) - Nebular Orgone Accumulator - 206 elements
Two vehicles so lots of playability, though it's hard to tell if they are on the same side or not - lot's of guns so I presume not! Both ships look very swooshable, the construction looks stable and buildable and the playabilty comes from not only the conflict but the opening cargo hatch and tools. Good strong entry.

12. Fatyankee (Dean) - UEN Deep Space Defender - 199 Elements
Swooshable off the scale, a separating pilot seat that becomes an escape/infiltration speeder and you still had pieces over to make a bad guy with a scary looking laser gun! Buildability looks good with a majority of the build being studs up and some nice one piece snotted wings which would probably be strong enough for kids to play with. Overall a very impressive entry.

13. Bothanrodian (Nate Daly) - Jungle Stalker vs. Cyclops Assassin - 181 elements
Good work on creating two factions based not only on colour, but also with part choice, the angular look of Cyclops Assassin's bike contrasts with the curves of the Jungle Stalker. They seem pretty buildable, and for a 4 legged mecha where stability is difficult this looks good. Two factions, extra minifigure tools, all add extra playability. Cool stuff.

14. Alyosha (Brad Krick) - Light Cargo Transport - 198 elements
Lots of playability here with the opening rear, robot, tools and working landing gear. Great stuff. You lost a few points with the brick built wings, again on MOCs it looks great (I do it all the time) but they rarely survive contact with kids - unless protected by some studs up building adjacent to them. The size is realistic and your colour striping improves the look and buildability of the model and enhances it's swooshability a lot!

15. Wizzbang (Graham) - Neo-Classic Lunar Lander - 200 elements
Very retro, and yet updated very nicely. Obviously the classic space revival might bring in AFOLs and some parents with nostalgia, but most kids will not know anything about LEGO in the late 70's! However there's ton's of playability and a very iconic scene, so I don't think it hurts the entry. It's very cool.

16. Slacker Int (Adam) - LC1V Recon Mech - 150 elements.
This is really nice, has a great Blacktron vibe to it too. Just so you know, two of the parts you want suggest colour changes on are colour locked, so sorry, but the technic half-pin and the Pneumatic 'T' can't be black! Lot's of realism points of course as you used so few elements, but the stability of those legs in a 7 year old's hands, or indeed the ability of a 7 year old who's never touched LEGO before to build it are questionable. Still it's so damn cute I'm sure we would find a way!

17. Mainman (Justin Vaugn) - Anvil Class Starfighter - 217 elements.
Unique shape, and yet still obviously a spaceship, working landing gear, opening cockpit, good clean colour scheme that's not all one colour. You've been paying attention Justin, great job. Lost a few points on a few too many extra elements here, technic pins might be tiny and cheap but those technic panels they hold on are not so the final number of parts should be closer to the target. (I know it seems odd, but a 5% overage soon impacts profit margins when you're selling a million sets!)

18. Dan Efran - Chroma Team vs. Vexx - 200 elements.
Wow, a whole theme in a box! Very playable with the big intimidating bad guy mech and the small colourful team of good guys. Lot's of minifigures, (probably an unrealistic number of them, but not over the piece count, so well done) and therefore lots of action. Stability looks a bit dodgy on the legs, but it all seems pretty buildable and I like the escape pod on Vexx. There's also something about chicks with purple hair on well armed purple motorcycles that's always going to appeal to me!

19. The Paleman (Don) - Crater Cruiser - 213 elements.
Such an cool car, but the number of elements is more then the target by quite a few, and in silver too, wow, budget blown big time! lost a few points there! (I almost deducted more for reminding me of those horrible racer sets, but I didn't because you choose one of the nicest ones!) I like the hover girl, kinda cool and different. It's nice, but your other entry appealed to me more!

20. The Paleman (Don) - Squingy McGee - 192 elements.
I love this thing, incredibly swooshable and has some amazing greebles. But I'm not sure how buildable it is, or how stable in a kids hands and I see at least one 'illegal' build (radar dishes on the wheel axle). If this was a MOC competition alone I think this would be a serious contender to win the category, as it is it scared pretty well with me, don't know how well it will do overall of course. I sometimes wish sets could look this cool, damn kids and their still developing motor skills!

21. Martin Latta - Biotron Scout Fighter - 142 elements.
Very swooshable, very cool looking. Again I feel more of the green accent colours would have helped lift this a bit, but it's still very nice, and given the limited numbers of trans-green cockpits out there you did a great job of inverting this one for a nice look. The tail area makes me concerned about stability and buildability - if a kid picks this up by the tail fins they look pretty likely to fall off and the SNOT on them looks great but also difficult to build. That said, with just a few tweaks this could easily have been a Mars Mission or Space Police ship, and that was the aim here, so very well done!

22. Darth Nick - SF1 Star Skipper - 120 elements.
Small for this category, but it's very swooshable and your breakdown shows niely how despite this having SNOTed wings they can easily be built studs up on a plate before sticking them to the sides, in fact all of your model looks very buildable and solid, even those wings - the only SNOTed wings in the competition that did not cost the creator some stability points! Nice looking little fighter, I would love to see a small fleet of four or so of these with different highlight colours on a space-carrier or a base, I think there's a lot of potential here.

23. Legohaulic (Tyler) - Mechlomania - 204 elements.
Okay, I took some off for realism - partly as you have a lot of expensive elements and went over the target number a bit and partly because no one should get a perfect score and this was going to. Damn man, instructions on the seat too? I'm putting that in a MOC. Playability with two technic shooters and a working mini-figure ejector seat is off the scale of what I expected in this size category. Built with technic beams for stabilty, but dressed with bricks for swooshabilty/coolness. I can see how it could be built and your instructions help show this. You raised the bar, if we do this again I think you'll find others emulating this entry a lot!
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Re: Put Your Brick Where Your Mouth Is - RESULTS!

Postby Nabii » Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:50 pm

$50-00 Category

1, Dan Efran - Lunar Farside MASCON Expidition and Mysterious MASCON Mountain - 500 elements.
If the prize was for longest title you would win! That wouldn't fit on a box front though! Scored really high on Stability and Buildabiliy because of a lot of studs up building and I could easily imagine how this could have instructions made. Also a ton of playability on this and it's a nice concept for a new exploration theme, lost some points on realism as it's a very broken up model, it would be nice to see them come together in a more coherent single model. This also brought it's swooshabilty down a bit too. I can see a second more thought out version of this theme having won.

2. The Paleman (Don) - Vendetta Fightercraft - 413 elements.
Oh baby! This thing rocks and it looks buildable and stable. Not much playability though, beyond swooshing and an opening cockpit. This is a lot like the sketch models I tend to build at work and the MOCs I make at home, prone to just looking good and not doing much. However it does look damn good and it's scored really high with me.

3. The Paleman (Don) - M83 Diamondback - 224 elements.
Again very buildable and looks pretty stable. Though there are a few things that I can see issues with, but largely good. If there was a $30-00 price point in the competition this would have scored really well, but it does seem a little undersized for a $50-00 price point and like your other entry playability seems to be limited to the cockpit and swooshing.

4. David M Pickett - Pinchbot Landing Platform - 436 elements.
Consistency across the theme again, although very black. Like the opening doors and multilevel platforms are always good to play on. The arms and hands look a little fragile and hard to build in a stable way, same with the engines/feet. It does seem quite swooshy however and definitely looks cool.

5. Nolnet - Limeroof Loft - 465 elements.
Flying car! Yeah, where is my flying car it's 2010 right? If I had one I hope it would look something like this one. The lift, the multi-levels, the car, the multiple figures, all great. The rooms are a bit empty though and the buildability needs some work (threading through the large crane element is a bit dodgy) but I can see how this could easily be developed into a proper set and I really like the idea of a futuristic house play set.

6. Dover (Drew) The Asteroid Drag - 230 elements.
Another one that cries out for a $30-00 price-point. Good playability with two racers and cool swooshy hot-rods. I like the unisex idea and the little starters asteroid/moon rock is a nice touch. But not enough really for a $50-00 price point, shame as with a third racer or bigger hot-rods this may well have won!

6. Dover (Drew) - Moondust Schoolbus - 355 elements.
Space-schoolbus, yeah, I love the idea, in fact I've built one myself (though it had a far darker outcome then yours) On your larger models I really wish there were more images so I could see the build better. As it is it seems fairly solid and the modularity would make it more buildable, but I can't see any other play functions beyond putting the minifigures in place and swooshing it around (Though that would be good fun) and the stop sign popping out. Really wish you had posted a link to the instructions you mentioned. Too late now! I do love the idea of city in space though and this MOC shows it's potential. Really nice. the other Designers loved this one too.

7. Fatyankee (Dean) - Space Troll Intruder - 297 elements.
Conflict between two factions, a good swooshy spaceship, cool ground vehicle, several figures and tools. It is a bit too reminiscent of the Mar Mission theme though, both in the shape of the bad guys ship and the colour scheme of the good guys vehicle, but that said i still think you arrived at a different conclusion. Tons of playability, looks pretty stable, but the underside SNOT-work on the alien ship does cause me some concerns on buildability. It is incredibly realistic, and intentional so too, as you stated you used some large shaped elements and you limited the other elements because of this, well done, despite imposing this additional restriction on yourself you've still turned in a very nice entry!

8. Now this is awesome. Your colour scheme really came together here, the increased green highlights and introduction of the lime lift this a lot from the monochrome of some of your other entries. Realistically the base-plate should probably have been about 50 elements of value, but as we never specified that in the rules I've almost ignored it. The play here, multiple levels, tools, boxes, telescope(or gun) on the platform, tools, alien plants, radars, control towers, are brilliant. Yeah, this really screams at my inner 8 year old to get on the carpet and start playing. I think this was my favourite of your entries, and definitely the one that best met the criteria of the competition (despite the expensive elements) and I congratulate you on a very good entry.

$100 Category

1. Slacker Int (Adam) - Space Supply Depot - 950 elements.
This is really nice, but I see a lot of stability and buildability issues in this one. I think if you tried to build it outside of a 3D program you'd see what I mean. Still I think you've captured the feel of the old classic space sets and updated it quite nicely (with a bit of a Power Miners vibe on the lifter). Though I'm not sure how much a 30 year old theme appeals to a modern 7 year old, most of them don't even know what Exo-Force is! But there is a lot of playability with the vehicles and tools here beyond the retro stylization. It's a shame one of your other entries wasn't a ship this base re-supplies, would have been nice to see how you tackled it.

2. Blackicep8ntbal (Brandon) - CH90 Heavylift VTOL & Mobile Lab on Charia - 892 elements.
Kids do seem to love it when everything packs up into one vehicle and this is the route you've gone here, and you've done it well. Good looking swooshable spacecraft with moving guns, opening cockpit, engines and landing gear and the disconnecting Mobile Lab with lots of tools and lots of characters - all with defined roles which add to the role-playing playability. Excellent buildabilty by the looks of it too, so much studs up building with only a few elements added sideways for shaping and despite it's unusual shape it looks pretty stable, good job. The small planet surface section is also very creative and would trigger a lot of imagination play. At 892 elements this is also very realistic.

3. Martin Latta - Biotron Mothership - 526 elements
If this was a MOC competition and nothing else this would ba an amazingly strong entry. But when I look at this as a possible set I have to consider its stability and buildability, the hanging nose area, the loose cockpits, the delicate wingtips and the large amount of SNOTed elements, all those things that make it an immense MOC do it damage as a potential set. It's also too small for the price point (you had 400+ elements left you could have made this so much bigger) and I don't see a lot of playability, the figures can come out, but there are no tools or smaller vehicles. I love this thing, but I find it scoring badly on my judging criteria. Maximum on swooshabilty though because this thing is off the scale pretty and sleek, I want run around the room making engine noises and break my own rules to make it score higher, but that wouldn't be fair to the others! I just hope if we do this again you'll take this in and come back with this things big brother full of cool play features and show us it's full potential!
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Re: Put Your Brick Where Your Mouth Is - RESULTS!

Postby Inquisitor General » Sat Aug 14, 2010 10:09 pm

I forgot to add in my post that the winners should PM me with their real names and addresses, so that i can mail them their prizes.
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Re: Put Your Brick Where Your Mouth Is - RESULTS!

Postby pmemmer » Sat Aug 14, 2010 11:08 pm

Thanks to you both for your feedback, and congrats to the winners!

Now, what's the next contest??? ;)
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Re: Put Your Brick Where Your Mouth Is - RESULTS!

Postby ted @ndes » Sat Aug 14, 2010 11:39 pm

Congratulations to the winners! Well deserved... I also appreciate reading all of the detailed feedback from Mark, on all the entries. I had my own thoughts for each entry, and it was very interesting to see how they compared. I definitely learned quite a bit more on set and theme suitability.
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Re: Put Your Brick Where Your Mouth Is - RESULTS!

Postby bothanrodian » Sun Aug 15, 2010 12:36 pm

Thanks for hosting the contest and for all the great feedback guys! Congrats to all the winners. :space:
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