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New addition to Lego

Postby bobhexa1 » Thu Aug 23, 2012 11:44 pm

I posted way back on Mon Sep 28, 2009 2:04 pm a post called "Variable Surface Curvature. Would you welcome the concept?"
I couldn't remember my password and its taken a long time to eventually get back in here. I used to be Bobhexa.....after re-registration I am now Bobhexa1. I was having talks with Skycannon and G.K.W. The posts have been dug up I guess.
Well a lot has happened since then and I now have working prototypes on a new toy which is designed to intergrate with Lego especially in the robotic department. I am about to send Lego an unsolicited proposal.
My original post was this:

Imagine being able to make variable surface curvatures such as spheres, tubes, torus/doughnuts, terraced planes and dish structures etc out of only two simple components. One component is a flat hexagonal plate and the other is a flat rectangular or square plate
The secret is, is that the hexagonal plates have hinges on all their six edges and the squares only need hinges at the edges of two opposed ends. The two parts then click into one another allowing them to hinge.
Basically by joining, two parallel planes of hexagons together, in a particular pattern, using the vertically orientated squares as the walls you will have a Flexible Space Matrix
The hex plates would have lego buttons moulded into their surface area. By the addition of clickability into the hinge design, you can build a surface area which could be incrementally morphed from one curvature into another.
You could fashion this Lego-like framework into the geographical details of a famous battle scene or whatever you chose.
What themes would you like to make? [surprise]

The question is though: Would you welcome such a concept?? Is this not too radical for orthogonality to accept????? [wink]
I have photos but unable to upload.
I'm sorry to hear that the Forum is suffering from fading membership. A look at the log-in procedures for returning members might be helpful.In the FAQ's I'm advised to hit the "forgot my password" button. I could not find one.
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Re: New addition to Lego

Postby Nabii » Wed Aug 29, 2012 4:27 pm

There are quite a few hexagon based constructions toys out there already, here's a couple:



I think the problem in connecting a similar system to LEGO would be integrating it with the existing geometries of the normal system and the technic bricks. The angles involved won't match up very well, that's on top of not seeing the point of this in relation to LEGO building, it seems too much like a completely different system, like connecting K-Nex to LEGO creations, it just looks wrong. I think this would be similar.

Best of luck to you though. Good luck with your proposal.
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Re: New addition to Lego

Postby bobhexa1 » Fri Nov 09, 2012 7:21 am

Aloha Nabil,
Firstly may I congratulate you on your prolific designs.... totally blew me away.
I apologise for not checking the "Notify me when a reply is posted" I've just found your response tonight.....apologies again.
Many thanks for your review and for the links.
Since we last posted, a few changes have been realised. To enable a better intergration Skyscanner had suggested that I should use pin holes.

LEGO Mindstorm has linear actuators which I can use to open or close the NODLET truss

so the square is now going to be a rectangle whose length equals the flat to flat dimension of the hexagon. The change in length accomodates the linear actuator. Clickability will also be augmented with hinge pin holes. The
toy is directed towards robotics using LEGO Mindstorms to programme for example a robotic reticulating snake made from this system.
You may well be right about it looking wrong. I'm not sure if you saw any images, perhaps you did a bit of research.
My proposal was kicked out yet again on the grounds of "Not invented here".
Best wishes Nabil to you also. Keep up the awesome design.
Do you use Autocad and 3D printing for your prototypes?
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