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Fun Express Plastic Wedding Ring Shot Glasses (24 Shot Glasses) | Bridal Party Favors
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Fun Express Plastic Wedding Ring Shot Glasses (24 Shot Glasses) | Bridal Party Favors


  • to make sure this fits.

  • 24 Shot Glasses

  • 2 Dozen of Plastic Wedding Ring Shot Glasses

  • Make the bachelorette that more fun with these!

  • High Quality

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If you are not completely satisfied with these items, we will refund your money.

Package Quantity:24

24 Pack of Plastic Ring Shot Glasses. Make the bachelorette that more fun with these!

Product information

Package Quantity:24

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August 20, 2016

Package Quantity: 12|Verified Purchase

These are PERFECT. I got them for my friends bachelorette party and filled them with Tiffany Blue jelly shots. They’re small, maybe 1/3 of a shot, but they’re mostly for photos. Anything bigger and it would look awkward when it’s on your hand.

I imagine it would be hard to fill and set them without a drying rack like mine but my boyfriend suggested wrapping the ring with tissue and setting them in the box they shipped in to hold them steady. They are NOT leak proof or spill proof so jelly shots are the only way to go (besides they’re too small for liquid shots unless you want to fill it 9 times in a row). I suppose you could fill them with candy or something if you’re not into alcohol.

I saw other comments about the ring part being too small. My left ring finger is a size 7-8 and they fit perfectly. They’re also semi adjustable although I’m sure it would get uncomfortable quickly. Then again, why wear them for any longer than to take a shot. Again, they’re mostly for pictures.

You can’t beat the price and the photo op! I’m sure I’ll buy these again in the future!

review imagereview image

January 31, 2017

Package Quantity: 12|Verified Purchase

Bought these & put in favor bags for bachelorette party. Handed them out to each person as they arrived. They were cute & fun. Nice touch.

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July 26, 2015

Package Quantity: 12|Verified Purchase

I took away one star because these weren’t practical, they were small in both the ring size and shot size. I thought we would be able to bend the plastic to fit different sized fingers but they would not budge at all! I thought they were really fun, all the girls in the wedding party thought they were adorable and took a couple shots out of them but the lid was getting in the way and people were spilling too easily so we left them at home. Would purchase again just because they are just so darn cute lol.

March 13, 2017

Package Quantity: 12|Verified Purchase

I’m not sure any of the 12 I received could actually hold/contain liquid. They would be cute for a Jell-O shot, I guess. But be certain to note, they would not hold a full ounce. It I had to do it all over again, I would certainly pass.

June 23, 2016

Package Quantity: 12|Verified Purchase

I bought these for a bachelorette weekend. My friends loved them! They were cute and we got to take some pics with them. They didn’t hold a whole lot in the little cups but for what it is, it was a good buy and a great price. Other people were selling it for more. They were a little flimsy, the tops kept popping open and one broke off but there were plenty so we were able to use another one. I would recommend this product.

June 23, 2017

Package Quantity: 12|Verified Purchase

They are nice for the novelty. None of them seal and most dont properly snap. for the price I could have gotten them right through Oriental Trading CO for less.

February 13, 2016

Package Quantity: 12|Verified Purchase

I ordered these for a Bachelorette party I’m throwing in May , unfortunatly they are useless but I’ve covered them in pva glue and glitter dust so now they look so much better and ill still pop then in the goody bags I’m handing out in the airport ! Don’t waste your money 🙁

review imagereview image

March 4, 2018

Package Quantity: 12|Verified Purchase

How amazing are these? The top closes with a tiny, plastic push-clasp, so probably not great for storing/holding your shots, but would work perfectly for jello shots or just treated like a shot glass.

One note: the bottoms are open, so I think I’m going to hot glue them closed and put them on a necklace that way no one loses them!


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