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GreenLiFE Battery Zeus Box
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GreenLiFE Battery Zeus Box


  • to make sure this fits.

  • 110V plug, 12v plug, 5v USB plug, Jumpstart 12v (car/truck) Solar optional for recharge

The GreenLiFE Zeus Box has the power to keep you going when you need power. Complete with a 110v outlet, 2 5v 2amp USB plugs, as well as a 12v cigarette lighter plug it has all your power needs covered. It also has jumper cables to restart your vehicle if it needs power to start! This “swiss army” knife of power supplies it’s great for backup energy during a storm, or a power source when you are away from other outlets. Enjoying the outdoors doesn’t mean you have to be without electrical convenience. Solar Panel is optional. Designed in USA. Lithium -ion Construction.

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