Gstove Cooking
September 13, 2017  |  Outdoors

Gstove Cooking
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Gstove Cooking


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  • Cook like home with integrated cooking oven

Gstove Cooking is the ultimate Stove for the outdoor for cooking food like lasagna or pizza when you are in the outdoor. Integrated cookingstove and high effect to warm up tents all year around. We have many accesories to all our stoves that gives you the comfort in the outdoor you want. Made by stainless steel and lasts a lifetime, shipping from Norway. Product Specification: Material: Stainless Steel Height with standard pipes and legs: 234 cm Stove Height: 20 cm Stove Length: 39 cm Stove Width: 22 cm Door opening Height: 16,5 cm Door opening Width: 13,5 cm Legs Height: 10 cm (Can be upgraded with 30cm legs) Pipelength Standard: 36,5 cm Handles/Drystand Length: 29 cm Handles/Drystand Width:: 13,5 cm Cooking Stove (Integrated) Length: 22.5cm Cooking Stove (Integrated) Width: 14 cm Cooking Stove (Integrated) Height: 7 cm Weight: 10 kg Reccomended to: 2-8 person tents Standard Content: 1 x Stove 2 x Pipe (21 cm) 2 x Pipe (25 cm) 3 x Pipe (36,5 cm) 1 x Grate 1 x Ashscraper 1 x Top Hat to pipe (20 cm) 1 x Door


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