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Heavy Duty BBQ Hog Pig Spit Roast Rotisserie Motor 100 lbs. Capacity – SpitJack HD100
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Heavy Duty BBQ Hog Pig Spit Roast Rotisserie Motor 100 lbs. Capacity - SpitJack HD100


  • to make sure this fits.

  • Specially designed and tested parts for secure, long performance, helping you take your bbq to the next level.

  • Heavy duty bbq rotisserie motor – up to 100lbs of a balanced load!

  • For use with rotisseries for pig, hog, lamb, and more.

  • Rotisseries and meat injectors are our business, let us show you the SpitJack difference!

  • This rotisserie motor is guaranteed for one year

This is a heavy duty spit roast rotisserie motor (60W) for turning a rotisserie spit. This motor will turn up to a 100 lbs. compacted balanced load. This motor comes with a keyed (machined irregularity) drive shaft and a 1″ ID spit coupler that will accommodate up to a 1″ OD pipe or tube or a 1″ solid rod. We guarantee our couplers will fit precisely with our spits but if you are using a spit from other sources, some minor adjustments (widening/holes drilled) my be needed.

Note 1: The HD100 rotisserie motor is rated at 100 lbs. (including the spit weight) maximum load. This limit is recommended for proper functioning, motor life and keeping the warranty terms valid. If you think you might be close to the limit or may go over, please call us and we can give you advice and options.
Note 2: Beware false performance claims from our competitors! The HD100 is a 60W motor from an excellent factory (it makes a big difference). We guarantee 100 lbs. and we have tested our motors for this. Other companies make claims of over 125 lbs. with only a 25W motor.

• 4 RPM for greater torque and more even cooking
• 60 watt gear reduction rotisserie motor
• Coupler fits 1 inch pipe or rod included.
• Engineered specifically for whole animal rotisserie spit
• One year warranty

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Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here

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