Kolpak P6-0610-FT Walk-In Freezer
September 14, 2017  |  Outdoors

Kolpak P6-0610-FT Walk-In Freezer
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Kolpak P6-0610-FT Walk-In Freezer

Walk-In Freezer, Polar-Pak, 6′-6″ H, 5′-10″ W, 9′-8″ L, with floor, 1-1/2 hp. low temp (-0F) top mounted unit, 26 gauge embossed galvalume interior & exterior, .100 smooth aluminum floor, 2-1/2″ dial thermometer
Keep your kitchen (and your customers) satisfied with the ultimate Kolpak P6-610-FT Walk-In Freezer, which provides more than enough room for all your frozen items. Great for keeping any kitchen on track, the Kolpak P6-610-FT Walk-In Freezer is an essential component for an efficient operation. This freezer is 78 inches tall, 70 inches wide, and 116 inches deep.


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