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LESOLEIL Electrical Welding Helmet Solar Energy Automatic Grinding Mask
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LESOLEIL Electrical Welding Helmet Solar Energy Automatic Grinding Mask


  • to make sure this fits.

  • Auto-darkening function: the viewing zone darkens automatically when detecting light and back to translucent when welding completes.

  • UV/Infrared-resistant: blocks 99% ultraviolet and infrared radiation,ensuring a long-time operation without worrying about the injury of the harmful radiation.

  • No battery needed: the solar charging system will charge the inserted battery automatically.

  • Anti-interference design: capable of using under severe circumstance.

  • Safe structure, full protection, easy operation.


The product can effectively block the UV radiation and infrared ray from get through ,then effectively protect the eyes of the workers against the damages of UV radiation and infrared ray. Automatic darkening helmet has wider coverage than common helmet. It can be used to protect the face and neck against the damages of the electricity arc and improve the product quality and working efficiency.
It is widely used in shipbuilding, petroleum, architecture, steel, boiler manufacture and so on .

Working Principle:

The helmet can converse the electricity arc resulted from welding to the electronic signals. And after these signals are magnified, they will be passed to the LCD driven circuit, in which the light valve will be turned from light to dark. So that can avoid the damages to the eyes of the workers.
Operation instruction:

1. Tear off the protective film of the viewing area. (the lithium battery is installed before delivery).
2.Adjust tightness of the comfort cushion through the manual knob in order to make the user comfortable after wearing it.
3.Adjusting the knobs on the sides of the helmet is to change tightness when lifting the helmet up and down. Visual angle can be moved forward or backward to suit the need.
4.Adjustable sensitivity and delay time of the viewing area enable the user to adjust according to different working condition. Reduce the sensitivity to avoid interference.
5.When the filter work, the battery should be changed.


1.Take out the battery when the product is not used for a long time.
2. Keep the product way from water to prevent permanent damage.
3. Avoid direct sunlight.
4.Use balanced strength to adjust the electrograph.

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