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MAXpar DE MH Lamp 1000W 4K with Jacket (10)
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MAXpar DE MH Lamp 1000W 4K with Jacket (10)


  • to make sure this fits.

  • Best use with ballasts designed to work with 400V DE lamps

  • Inner quartz arc tube with outer Borosilicate protective jacket CRI of 65

Package Quantity:10

The only Doubled jacketed Metal halide lamp in the industry. A must for running open fixtures for safety. MH lamps are required to be either open fixture rated or the lamp has to be installed in a luminaire with a protective glass shield. MaxPar DE MH lamps use their exclusive patent pending secondary outer jacket design.MaxPar DE MH lamps use an outer jacket of Borosilicate glass to meet the requirements for rating as an O-type lamp as per the USA National Electric Code 410.73(F)(5) and ANSI standard C78.387.

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Package Quantity:10

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