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MAXSISUN Timer Control 1000W LED Grow Light 12-band Dimmable Full Spectrum for Indoor Hydroponics Plants Veg and Flowering
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MAXSISUN Timer Control 1000W LED Grow Light 12-band Dimmable Full Spectrum for Indoor Hydroponics Plants Veg and Flowering


  • to make sure this fits.

  • MT1000 compares to traditional 1000 watt HPS/MH while consuming only 414 watts maximum!

  • Built-in controller controls veg and bloom channels separately, achieving precise desired brightness; also features timer function to turn on/off light automatically as scheduled.

  • Its strong, durable and compact reflector magnifies PAR and increases canopy penetration by up to 150%.

  • MAXSISUN LED stimulates plants growth by providing an optimized full spectrum specifically to enhance metabolic processes.

  • A 3-year warranty (US based after-service center) plus 60-day hassle-free return guarantee.

Your plants need light that has been tested and proven for years to produce not only the highest yields but also the highest quality. MAXSISUN LED Grow Light is originated from years of rigorous research and development, have been vetted by some of the best growers in the world and each time the reviews come back with five stars in all fields. We offer some of the best products, especially latest built-in timer design can work throughout all plants grow stages from germination to harvest.

– More reasons for choosing MAXSISUN –
– The yield exceeds that of most other horticultural lamps, as does the quality of the end product
– Full spectrum including IR, well balanced PAR/Lumen output
– Using high bin 5W Epiled/BridgeLux LEDs to get a PAR output exceeding that of traditional HPS
– Built-in timer easy to program precise brightness and on-off work time
– Sturdy design and made from strong materials
– Decent budget-friendly prices with 3-year limited warranty

– Specifications –
Model: MT1000
LED Power: 200x5W
Power Draw: 414W Max
HID Replacement:1000W HPS/MH
Vegetative Coverage at 32″: 4.5×4.5 ft
Flowering Coverage at 32″: 4×4 ft
LED Quantities: 200pcs Epiled/BridgeLux LEDs
Reflector: 90°
Total Harmonic: Input Voltage: AC 100-240V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Lifespan: ≥100,000 hours

– Using Suggestions - (Height/ Hours/ Brightness)
For 3-5 days acclimation period: 54″-60″, 10 on/14 off, VEG: 40%, BLOOM: 15%
For seedling: 48″-54″, 12 on/12 off, VEG: 60%, BLOOM: 30%
For vegetative: 40″-48″, 18 on/6 off, VEG: 100%, BLOOM: 60%
For flowering: 24″-32″, 12 on/12 off, VEG: 100%, BLOOM: 100%

– Package includes –
1 x MT1000 LED Lighting
1 x Hanging Kits
1 x 6ft Power Cord
1 x Remote Controller
1 x User Manual

Product information

Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here

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