Power Station (1500W/240W)
September 22, 2017  |  Outdoors

Power Station (1500W/240W)
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Power Station (1500W/240W)


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  • “COMPLETE” Power Station Kit features a 1500-watt incremental lithium energy center to power refrigerators and freezers alike

  • Two powerful solar-hungry 120-watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels (240-watts total) fold in half like a suitcase and include protective carrying cases. You can even power appliances or recharge 12-volt batteries directly from the panels!

  • Two LED Lamps feature 88 LEDs and 400 Lumens per light

  • Comes with a 30-foot MC4 extension cable so you can chain your panels and bring power from the sun directly into your home

  • Universal Inverter has 2 grounded 120-volt AC plugs, 2 USB plugs and 2 AC adapter barrel plugs and includes AC wall charger so you can recharge in your home


Truly the most powerful solar system on the market! PowerSurvival.com is the first company to gather all the components you’ll need to complete your Solar Station Kit with just one purchase. Our Deluxe 1500-watt power center and two 120-watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels are among the most powerful on the market today. (To estimate how many hours 1500-watts will power your devices, just multiply your appliance’s volts times amps to determine watts/hour. A 30-foot MC4 extension means bringing the power of the sun right into your home with less signal loss and our 400-Lumen Lamp comes with 88 bright LEDs to light your life. Solar Panel also includes kick stand supports, foldability, carrying case, battery cables to charge 12V batteries, and a DC barrel power adapter to charge other portable electronic devices directly from the collector. Solar panel: 26x3x25″ folded, 52×1.3×25″ unfolded and weighs just 25 pounds each(11.3 kg) Power center: 12x19x15″ and weighs 57 pounds Energy center comes with 500-watt internal battery but comes with the Full-Monty of 2 additional incremental 500-watt inserts to complete the 1500-watt unit. Units can be charged together as one or separately if desired. Use for back-up power, camping, tailgating, light duty construction, RV’s or emergencies. Power lights, tools, refrigerators, freezers and health care equipment. Silent and safe, no noise or fumes. Safe to operate indoors. Includes two 120-watt solar panel suitcases with carry-cases to double your charging capability to 240-watts per hour. Hackers are after our electric grid. Don’t be vulnerable. If you’ve ever wanted to go Solar, here is your chance. Forget the gas-powered generators. Choose clean, quiet, environmentally-friendly solar power to run inside any home, workshop or office setting. Free shipping to the lower 48 states. This product is not sold to Alaska or Hawaii and will only ship FedEx Ground.

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