Pure Ume (Japanese Plum) Extract (300g)
March 4, 2018  |  Cell Phones

Pure Ume (Japanese Plum) Extract (300g)
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Pure Ume (Japanese Plum) Extract (300g)

  • 100% Pure Ume Extract, from Wakayama Prefecture, No Additives!

  • It takes approx. 15kg of Japanese green plums to produce 300g of Pure Ume Extract.

  • Net weight : 300g

  • Take 1g daily.

Pure Ume Extract is 100% pure ume extract with no additives. Using well-selected Japanese green plums from Wakayama, Pure Ume Extract is prepared by carefully boiling down the juice squeezed out of only the pulp to a thick for long periods of time. It is made from only Japanese green plums, with no additives.


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