Sparkle Paper Towels
December 30, 2017  |  Home & Kitchen

Sparkle Paper Towels
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Sparkle Paper Towels, 24 Giant Plus Paper Towel Rolls, Pick-A-Size, White (.2 BOX OF 24 Giant Rolls)

  • Case of 24 giant plus paper towel rolls with 107 sheets/roll = case of 37 regular paper towel rolls

  • 2-ply paper towel with Thirst Pockets for strength and absorbency

  • Pick-A-Size paper towel sheets to clean any size mess

  • Perfect for food preparation and cooking

  • Responsibly sourced; meets the standards of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)

Size:.2 BOX OF 24 Giant Rolls

Sparkle paper towels won’t tell you there’s a right or wrong way to clean… Sparkle will simply help deliver on your kind of clean. Sparkle 2-ply paper towels have just what you need without any unnecessary bells and whistles. Sparkle’s unique balance of performance, value, and style makes Sparkle paper towels just right for wiping up your everyday messes, whether in the kitchen or bathroom, without wiping out your piggy bank. Keep it classic with Sparkle Just White paper towels, perfect for food preparation and cooking, or add a little extra color with Sparkle Spirited Prints or Sparkle Hint of Color. With our Full Sheet and Pick-A-Size paper towel options, you can get the job done at the right value – without sacrificing performance or style.


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