Titanium Pinstripe Ring, Ironwood, His and Hers Wedding Band Set
August 10, 2017  |  Jewelry

Titanium Pinstripe Ring, Ironwood, His and Hers Wedding Band Set
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Titanium Pinstripe Ring, Ironwood, His and Hers Wedding Band Set, M13-F5

  • HAND-CRAFTED Couples Rings: Men’s is 8.00 Millimeters; Women’s is 5.00 Millimeters; Both Flat Profile Band, Comfort-Fit, Polished Finished, Hypoallergenic Titanium Encircled by an Ironwood Overlay with a Pinstripe of Titanium On-Center, Ironwood Bands are Continuous with no Joints

  • MEASUREMENTS Left to Right: Men’s is 2.00 mm Ironwood, 2.00 mm Titanium, 4.00 Millimeters Ironwood; Women’s is 2.00 Millimeters Ironwood, .50 Millimeters Titanium, 2.50 Millimeters Ironwood

  • RING SIZERS: Rings Cannot be Resized Due to Non-Jointed Wood and the Hardness of Titanium; Upon Ordering You will be Shipped 2 Plastic Sizing Ring to Verify the Size is Purr-Fect; Sizing Ring will Ship in 3 to 10 Days

  • COMPLIMENTARY Ring Armor Protects Wood Jewelry from the Threats of Water and Boosts its Overall Durability for Everyday Use (Normally a $75.00 Purchase)

  • HAPPILY Handmade in the USA; Ships in Approx. 30 Business Days; Couples Rings are also Available in Quarter Sizes

The wedding band is a circle; the circle is a symbol of infinite love. This listing is for two wood wedding ring set. These titanium wedding bands are inlaid with Ironwood and can be replaced with any wood available in my store. All of my wood rings are coated with ring armor.

The beauty of wood is its natural variation; the same species of wood has its own natural, lush striations. Much of the wood used is from lumber production areas, preventing us from contributing to deforestation. Ring Armor protects your wood ring from water, UV rays, and the typical nicks and scratches which occur from everyday wear. You keep the natural beauty of the wood while removing the issue of wood’s fragility.

Titanium offers a unique combination of beauty, strength, comfort and feather-light weight. The 6AL4 Grade 5 Titanium is stronger than commercially pure titanium; used in Biomedical Implants, it is hypoallergenic. Like other metals, it will scratch; the patina will turn into a satin finish.

Comfort-Fit bands have a rounded interior, allowing them to glide over knuckles easier; they don’t pinch and sit on the finger more comfortably than other rings. It may feel slightly larger as comfort-fit rings are thicker inside-center.

Choosing the right size for your custom rings are as important as the style. Titanium cannot be re-sized due to its hardness. Part of the customization process for you is a purr-fect fit. After ordering, 2 sizer rings are crafted in the same size and width as ordered; ship approx. in 3 to 10 business days. Upon size verification production of your handmade ring begins.

FOOTNOTES: Need a Different Size Ring than Offered? Email the Size for Availability
Bands also Offered in Quarter Sizes
Signature Required for Safe Delivery
Hand-Crafted Rings Ship Approx. 30 Days After Size Verification
Nature is Always Fashionable… Never Trendy. Thank You for Your Consideration. We Appreciate You.


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