Traditional Chinese Han Jian Wushu Jian Master Collection
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Traditional Chinese Han Jian Wushu Jian Master Collection
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Traditional Chinese Han Jian Wushu Jian Master Collection


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Description:these Chinese Straight- Swords are designed for professional competitions and collectors, masters.
Brand quality is assured! Collection Value and all life use!!!
Blade: The blade is diamond shaped made of hand-forged damascus steel with a finely polished finish.
It has a full-tang making it strong and sturdy. The stiffness of the blade is moderate.
The sword blade has live sharp edge.
The blade has been hand-forged patten folded (mixed with super steel and Iron ore) over at least 10 times(thoroughly tempered,well-seasoned, much-steeled, go through fire and water).
So, the blade is very hard and nice.suitable for combat usage and cutting.
It is full-tang and made specifically for the fittings used, making a tight and sturdy bond. The blade is sharpened! if you want it blunt, leave us a message.
Well balanced! Its free to carve the characters on the blade!
This blade is also turned soils to burn blade, so you can see the wave looking on the edge of blade and this blade is made with 8 sided sharp edges.
Scabbard and fittings: The scabbard and handle are made from aged ebony, making them both very strong and aesthetically pleasing with a very dark, almost black wood color and the half part of scabbard and handle are covered by genuine stingary skin.
The fittings are made from solid brass plated with pure silver nad gold materials.
The carving of fittings are handmade(the workers spent much time carving the design), and the carving of fairy looks alive in the way of 3D carving with antique reproduction style.

Specification: the whole length is 92cm, the length of blade is 70cm, and 20cm handle length and the overall weight without scabbard is 1.3kg.
It comes with a free set of sword stand, silk bag, gift box and etc.


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