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Vernon White Sapote Tropical Fruit Trees
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Vernon White Sapote Tropical Fruit Trees


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The Casimiroa or white sapote as it is also known is native to the Mexican highlands and Central America.It’s a wonder the tree ever fell out of favor when the taste of fruit from white sapote cultivars can be exquisite: like a creamy custard, with hints of peach, pear, lemon, banana, caramel and vanilla. It’s wonderful raw, scooped out from the rind with a spoon, and excellent in drinks. It also has a slight soporific effect and was used by the Aztecs as a sleep aid. The trees have a very appealing drooping habit with long branches that can almost touch the ground. They are fast growing with two main spurts, once in early spring and again in early autumn. Casimiroa trees fruit prolifically and a healthy mature tree can produce 1000 fruit per year. They are also long lived and can crop for 100 years or more. Fruits should be picked when they are just beginning to soften and change colour from green to yellow, if picked too soon they are astringent.

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