Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit #79602
May 16, 2017  |  Classic

#1: Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit #79602
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Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit #79602

  • Our Most Powerful and Durable Motor -For a Lifetime of Superior Performance

  • Our Finest Self-Sharpening precision blades -Stays sharp the Longest, and cuts all hair types

  • SECURE-FIT Stainless Steel Clip Guide Combs -For smooth and easy haircutting

  • Made in the USA

  • Made for use in USA electrical outlets only. Not for international use.

Product Description

Our Most Powerful & Durable motor, for a lifetime of superior performance. Our finest self sharpening precision blades, stays sharp the longest, and cuts all hair types. Secure Fit stainless steel clip guide combs, for smooth and easy haircutting. 21 Piece kit includes: Premium Multi-Cut Clipper. Clipper blade guard, premium storage case. Guide combs: Numbers 1/2, 1, 1 1/2-3/16, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Large stying comb, blade oil, cleaninbg brush, stainless steel scissors, scissors blade cover, large nylon signature barbers cape, cord wrap, guide comb storage bag. Full color English and Spanish Instructions/Styling Guide.

Manufacturer Remedy Information

********MANUFACTURER TIPS:********* If the blades were not oiled, it may be possible the blades would not move. However, even if not oiled, the clipper will usually have enough power to run. Excess noise of the motor may be possible if the “voltage” in the consumers home was low, then the clipper may make a loud noise. There is an adjustment screw on the side of the clipper that will correct that issue (noted in the instructions). Note: This clipper is made to be only used in the USA. If used outside the USA, voltages are different and can effect performance and may damage the product.

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