Work Sharp E5 Knife Sharpener Kitchen, Rose Champagne
September 6, 2017  |  Home & Kitchen

Work Sharp E5 Knife Sharpener Kitchen, Rose Champagne
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Work Sharp E5 Knife Sharpener Kitchen, Rose Champagne


  • to make sure this fits.

  • The Premier electric kitchen knife sharpener from Work Sharp culinary uses sharpening belts to create a razor-sharp edge – the same way manufacturers sharpen their knives

  • Designed for the modern home chef – clean, quiet, and safe for every type of knife

  • One-touch programming Selects the sharpening cycle to shape, sharpen or refine the cutting edge

  • Includes a ceramic honing rod to create ultra-sharp knives, and to touch up edges between sharpening’s

  • Create a Longer lasting, more durable cutting edge with exclusive micro forge technology

The Work Sharp culinary E5 electric kitchen knife sharpener uses controlled speeds and timed sharpening cycles to shape, sharpen and refine all your kitchen knives at the touch of a button. Based on traditional belt sharpening practices, the E5 creates a sharp-as-new edge the same way manufacturers sharpen knives at the factory. Precision sharpening guides, programmed speeds, and high-performance sharpening belts make the E5 knife sharpener easy, clean, and gentle on knives. A dual grit ceramic honing rod uses angle guides for consistent edge refinement, and includes a micro forge Port to cold forge micro-facets along the cutting edge. A micro forge edge enhances cutting performance, extends edge durability, and improves knife control. When you are ready to start preparing a meal, just a few stokes along the honing and your knives are ready to go. Honing preserves the cutting effectiveness of your knives, and extends intervals between sharpening. Maintaining your edges preserves the value of your cutlery, and lets you continue to enjoy the art of cooking! Work Sharp culinary is dedicated to supporting our customers. We are happy to answer any questions regarding our kitchen knife sharpeners and any questions you may have about keeping your knives sharp as new.

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Manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service. Click here to make a request to customer service.

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