15FT Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing 3/8″ Glue Lined 3:1 Dual Wall Mechanical Electrical Insulation Connectors Wire Cable Power Distributio Black
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15FT Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing 3/8" Glue Lined 3:1 Dual Wall Mechanical Electrical Insulation Connectors Wire Cable Power Distributio Black

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  • 1.Maximum continuous-use temperatures -55 to 135°C (-67 to 275°F);

  • 2.Shrink ratio of 3:1 – 67% or more in the radian direction;

  • 3.Thick wall tubing is highly resistant to impact and abrasion and provides a high level of strain relief;

  • 4.Be used to repair wires, bundle wires together, and to protect wires or small parts from minor abrasion;

  • 5.Heat Shrink Tubing provide an easy solution for insulating and protecting wire, cables, connections and components. These field-proven products are known for ease of use and durability, even in extreme conditions.

Heat shrink tubing (also known as heat shrinking) is the process of encasing wires or cables in plastic tubes that shrink when heated to form a close-fitting casing. There are a number of benefits to heat shrinking. 1. Protect wires and cables The key benefit of heat shrinking is the protection it offers to cables and wires. The tubing protects the cables from abrasion in moving parts and areas that see a lot of use. Additionally, the tubing protects cables and wires from environmental effects that could otherwise damage them, including liquids like oil, water and acids and also atmospheric factors, such as humidity, and temperature. 2. Insulation Heat shrink tubing sizes vary, ensuring the perfect fit for cables and wires. This fit means that in most cases, it performs better than basic insulation products. It’s also more reliable due to the tight fit that it provides – it won’t come off with age, in contrast with other insulation solutions. 3. Wire Identification Color Coding Covering that greatly extends life, increases reliability. Improves performance of the covered components and parts used in thousands of applications. 4. Wire Bundling and Protection An adhesive lining is applied to the interior to promote the tightest possible bond with internal materials. The resulting seal is so strong that it protects against moisture and may even be waterproof. Heat shrink improves reliability and performance of the covered parts and can be used in almost any environment.