2 Person Traditional Sauna For Home Use

The Sunray Baldwin 2 person traditional sauna includes a built-in dual heater. It’s designed to heat individual areas for maximum effect. You can use the built in thermostat to regulate how much heat goes out as it pleases you. You can also use the convenience built in towel warmer to keep your towel from getting cold.

The patented and award winning design of the Sunray Baldwin is an improvement on an old sauna. The infrared heating elements emit short wave radio waves, which penetrate the skin safely and quickly. The special ceramic and glass plates that heat the air are specially designed to reflect infrared rays, so they are less harmful to the human body than regular electric-heated beams. The patented design guarantees safe therapeutic-grade treatment using safe, gentle heat delivered through the skin.

The unique infrared heating units that make up this fabulous product are also smaller than traditional units. The 2 person unit comes in two pieces. There is a door enclosure to house the heater and two side panels with removable panels. The door enclosure can be locked for safety and privacy. To enjoy even more convenience, the door can be opened and locked from the inside. The unit can be used for either back or front massaging.

The unique infrared sauna technology used in the Sunray Baldwin makes it one of the most advanced bathroom products on the market today. You can take advantage of the special offers available to help you save money and time. Free shipping starts when you order the product and include the installation kit. Free two day samples are offered for first time customers. This customer service makes it easy for you to experience the benefits of owning this wonderful piece of bathroom equipment.

With the incredible amount of technological advances in modern bathroom products, it’s easy to overlook some of the great things that have been developed over the past decade. When we purchase any item, it helps to have a great warranty or guarantee. Many times, those warranties can cover some of the costs of return and repair. That’s why it’s important to check out the excellent customer service provided by Sunray Baldwin. That’s not the only reason to check out this company and their many innovations, but their affordability.

The fact that there is no large manufacturing cost for this amazing, niche product is just icing on the cake. If you want the best overall sauna and other bathroom products, you simply cannot afford to ignore this remarkable company. Customer service, ease of use and affordability are just a few of the reasons why this company is considered one of the leaders in modern bathroom products. And now, with the innovative and unique Sunray Baldwin 2 Person, you can experience all of these benefits at a fraction of the cost of any other brand.

When you purchase this amazing alternative sauna, you will receive the same great customer service you’ve come to expect from Sunray. You’ll also enjoy free online access, an exceptional return policy and a limited lifetime warranty on all of their products. From the time you take home your unique and innovative product page, you can immediately begin enjoying the benefits that this amazing and affordable unit can offer to your personal use and enjoyment of all that it has to offer.

To find out more about the incredible benefits offered to you, log onto the incredible product page. There you will find a lot more information about this amazing unit and you can even order it right from your computer if you don’t have internet access. Don’t delay any longer. Get your hands on the great new Sunray Baldwin 2 Person HVLP/HL200SN by simply reviewing the excellent customer service page on the company’s site and you’ll be all set to enjoy your relaxing time at home.

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