250W Solar Power Generator [10 Years Battery Life, Upgraded Technology LiFePO4 +10,000 Recharges]- 256Wh/80,000Ah, 8 Outputs, Compatible with External Inverter 110/220V AC- Camping & Emergency
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250W Solar Power Generator [10 Years Battery Life, Upgraded Technology LiFePO4 +10,000 Recharges]- 256Wh/80,000Ah, 8 Outputs, Compatible with External Inverter 110/220V AC- Camping & Emergency


  • to make sure this fits.

  • [POWER YOUR ESSENTIAL DEVICES FOR OUTINGS AND EMERGENCY]: compatible with external inverter 110 Volts or 220 Volts for AC appliances/ 3*USB ports fast chargeing/ 4*DC ports for lights.

  • [MULTIPLE CHARGING OPTIONS]: this power generator kit has 2 charging options: solar panels and AC wall socket. It is chainable with an external battery.

  • [ BUILT-IN LITHIUM IRON PHOSPHATE BATTERY LiFePO4]: this is an upgraded lithium-ion battery technology safer and more durable than other li-ion batteries: holds 80% capacity after 2000 recharges. Rechargeable more then 10 000 times

  • [POWERFUL]: Max. total power output 250 Watts, Max. AC power output 180 Watts

  • [CAREFULLY TESTED AND COMES WITH 12 MONTHS WARRANTY EXTENDABLE TO 18 MONTHS] : as manufacturer of the Gusto Power Station, we offer 12 months guarranty extendable to 18 months if you register your purchase on the brand website MONERATOR.

Size:Gusto 20 Value kit

Our all new, compact, and light weight solar generator “Gusto” has redefined the meaning of portable power!! Gusto is a solar powered backup generator, an excellent power source for your urgent needs when you encounter an outage, and when you are out and having fun with your family. This portable generator can be refueled from a solar panel or a wall outlet. Its genius design and fine engineering fully equipped with our built in lithium battery has made GUSTO compact, lightweight, and safe! Gusto 20 Value kit includes:
1. Gusto 20 Power Station: 256 Wh – 1pc
2. Single solar panel – 1pc
3. LED lights and holder – 1 set
4. Charger – 1pc
5. Inverter 200 Watts, 110 V – 1pc
6. User manual – 1pc

LiFePO4 Battery:
Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are advanced technology that is lighter, safer, and longer lasting than other rechargeable cells. Compared to the common lead-acid batteries found in a solar powered generators, the LiFePO4 will last twice longer and is three times lighter.

Main Features:
Build-in Battery Type: LiFePO4 battery, 12V DC
Life Span: more than 10,000 recharges
Weight (battery incl.): only 7.1lbs
Max total output of power station: 250W or 19A
DC output?8 way outlets to charge your mobile devices, tablet PCs, LED lamp and so on.
AC output: compatible with external inverter 110V and 220V
Max. AC output: 180W
Charge Input: by solar panel and/or AC charger adaptor
Other Features:
External Battery Input: Yes
Multi-level safety features: Yes
Solar Charge Controller: Included. Built-in

Product information

Size:Gusto 20 Value kit

Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here

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November 26, 2017

Size: Gusto 10 Eco Kit|Verified Purchase

Great investment!
I was looking for a portable power station to keep my essential devices running during power outages. I looked at a bunch of portable generators on Amazon. But none of them were likely to answer to my needs until I saw this one. This yellow power box has something different from the other generators (granted, I don’t think this generator has the best aesthetic design compare to all the ones I have researched). It has a LiFePO4 battery which is among the most advanced battery technologies. It is also lighter than the other lead acid battery power generator (I used to have a lead acid one). On the manual, it claimed to last up to 2000 charges. Since I just received the product, I can’t say anything about that. But i will definitely give an update if it fails to last as it claims. I like the size of the generator. You can basically tuck this thing anywhere you want. I do think the product is a bit pricey. But they give you 1 year warranty. I actually blew the fuse, and i contacted the manufacture. They ended up fixing it for me immediately.

March 21, 2017

Size: Gusto 10 Eco Kit|Verified Purchase

Among the portable generators I have used until now, the Gusto gave me the most satisfaction. I like to enjoy music when I’m off the grid with my stereo. The Gusto is 100% quiet so it doesn’t annoy me at all. Once I get it fully charged, I can power my stereo and just enjoy life as I love to do it. When charging I recharge the Gusto, the solar panel included in the kit does a wonderful job.

September 18, 2017

Size: Gusto 10 Eco Kit|Verified Purchase

I carefully researched portable power sources for our recent 2-week camping trip. I wanted the battery to be just powerful enough (to reduce the cost and weight) to power a CPAP machine for at least 9-10 hours, better for 2-3 nights for flexibility. I also wanted a solar panel (economically priced) to charge this battery over 1-2 days (plus capability to charge the battery from a car’s cigarette lighter socket from a 120V outlet). Plus I needed a female cigarette lighter socket (ideally that would come with the battery) to provide a DC out for a CPAP adapter to avoid DC to AC and back to DC transformation and energy waste). That’s a lot of requirements I had as a consumer. In retrospect, not a single battery met all these criteria! They are either too heavy and expensive, or not powerful enough, and the solar charging capability desires much more efficiency. I had a chance to compare this Monerator Gusto 10 Kit (which includes a solar panel, but can’t be charged from a car’s adapter without an optional 12V DC to 120V AC inverter) and iMuto cube (an identical is sold by Poweradd, but called “ChargeCenter”). I was interested in a Gusto 10 at first as its battery is using a better, LiFePo4, battery (a 20-year newer technology), which can recharged bout 2,000 times as opposed to 500 times for conventional lithium batteries (technology of 1970’s) used in most other portable batteries on the market. I really wanted to like it! But my Gusto 10 battery (despite stated a 128 W-h capacity or maximum 80W power) powered a ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP for less than 6 hours via a cigarette lighter adapter and DC to DC voltage converter (CPAP pressure 14.5, heater turned off) and appeared to have inaccurate battery charge status after the 1st cycle. In addition, oddly enough, they sold me a slightly different model, which was not listed even on the Monerator website. It was sold as having 128 W-h capacity, but I saw “120 W-h” on the actual unit. The seller didn’t respond to my question why the unit sold to me was not as described. I tried to use the included 10W solar panel (which was heavy for this power, and it is not exactly portable, but it charged the battery so slow, that it didn’t seem to make any difference after charging it for a full day in direct sun (the battery capacity indicator only shows red, orange and green). I retuned my Gusto 10, and purchased an iMuto power source, which had 50% greater stated battery capacity and was 80% cheaper at the same time (but didn’t include a solar panel). I am very satisfied with the latter. This 185 W-h iMuto battery powered my CPAP machine for up to 18 hours with a ResMed cigarette lighter DC to DC transformer (CPAP pressure 14.5, heater turned off). That’s pretty good. That’s I think is twice as better as the more expensive Freedom battery sold for certain ResMed CPAP devices.

In conclusion, I would not recommend Gusto 10 for moderate power needs (like camping with CPAP machine) or for charging with the included solar panel. I think Gusto 10 is over priced as much as 2-fold, compared to competition. I would recommend iMuto (or Poweradd) cube instead.

March 21, 2017

Size: Gusto 10 Eco Kit|Verified Purchase

This product can multi-task. I actually bought it for emergency purpose, such as earth quake or electricity shortage. But then I realize I can use it in other occasions. When my backyard gets too dark at night, I can just plug some light bulbs in and use it for a long period of time.

March 7, 2017

Size: Gusto 10 Eco Kit|Verified Purchase

Have been using it over 2 yrs. Still working really well. Gonna get one more for my dad.

August 30, 2017

Size: Gusto 10 Eco Kit|Verified Purchase

Great deal!

This generator is pretty useful. I was surprised by the number of things I can do with it. I use it when camping and at home for emergency. It quickly recharges my smartphone and my iPad a bunch of times. There are enough ports to take all my devices at the same time. The power capacity is great. It is long lasting. I was debating whether to purchase it becuz it is a little pricey.. but I caught them on sale. so it’s a great deal!

April 26, 2016

Size: Gusto 10 Eco Kit|Verified Purchase

My second purchase of this great, portable power supply!

December 4, 2017

Size: Gusto 10 Eco Kit|Verified Purchase

Used this bad boy camping to power my c-pap Machine. held up to it running all night. doesn’t charge well on slight overcast days, but charged great and fast on sunny days.