6 Tips For Storing Your Pole Saw

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6 Tips For Storing Your Pole Saw

A sun joe pole saw is a very versatile power tool. There are many different makes and models, but in general they are a portable and compact form of power tools that cuts wood along the grain. They are similar to a large table saw, yet much smaller and lighter weight. Some are powered by an internal or external motor, and some are powered by a cord and battery. A major difference is usually seen with cordless models. Regardless of the type you choose, the main points to look for are:

Easy to Use – This point may seem obvious, but it is worth emphasizing. All good quality pole saws should have simple controls that make using them easy and intuitive. This may include large knobs or buttons for adjustments such as length, height and blade width. This should be easily accessible for any new user. If a design is complex, or if there are multiple controls, then this can often lead to confusion among users.

Power – The maximum power that the saw can handle is crucial. Different models will have different maximum power ratings, so it is worth evaluating what the saw will be used for before purchasing it. It’s also a good idea to consider the amount of time the saw can be left on while cutting. If the cord is long enough and the setting allows it, you can leave the saw on overnight to charge fully.

Durability – Although these units can run into the hundreds, the best ones are designed with long life in mind. They should have steel blades that don’t break easily and have thick but flexible wire wheels. Good welds are important, and all models should come with a lifetime warranty. Check for cord guard or grommets on the handle and blade edges. All quality pole saws should come with a lifetime warranty.

Size and Space – Different types of jobs require different sizes of the pole saw. Before purchasing, measure the area where the saw will be installed and make sure it can fit. For outdoor jobs, choose a unit that is portable. For indoor jobs, such as woodworking, select a portable unit with a standard power setting and cord.

Accessories – Don’t forget the accessories needed to run the saw. Pole saw bags help with dust collection, while protective coverings help maintain the unit’s integrity. Axial screwdriver kits and blade sharpeners are also important for ensuring the best performance possible. Remember to purchase a cordless drill that comes with a cord.

Maintenance – Like all electrical devices, a pole saw needs to be maintained to ensure optimal performance and safety. Regular lubrication ensures the saw’s effectiveness. Also, it prevents the teeth from grinding against each other. Also, it keeps the saw’s motor healthy.

For the best results, a sun Joe should be serviced annually. Also, when the warranty expires, have the tool serviced by a professional to identify any parts that need replacement. The sun saw should be kept clean, so regular cleaning is necessary to prevent buildup of residue that affects its efficiency. Also, it is important to service the cordless battery as per manufacturer recommendations to ensure long lasting life. These tips ensure the best performance from the sun joe pole saw.

Storage – When the sun joe pole saw is not in use, storing it away in a secure case is best. The pole should be hung on a stand when not in use. A storage box will protect the pole from dust, moisture and possible impact damage. It will also keep the saw clean and free of any possible jamming or slipping. For maximum convenience, storage cases should be lockable.

Tool Storage and Accessorizing – Proper storage and upkeep are essential to prolong the life of the pole saw. When storing the pole saw, avoid placing it near any sources of heat. This will increase the possibility of damage due to overheat. Also, avoid putting the tool on a high roof or in a basement as the chances of moisture seeping in are high.

When purchasing a sun Joe pole saw, it is crucial that you consider the features offered. Ensure you have a warranty for all of the blades. You may want to purchase a saw that comes with a blade guard. Certain models come with fences that help protect your investment. You can also get sun Joe parts that will protect the health of your saw.

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