A Great Water Jet Cleaner For All Floors and Surfaces

Introducing the latest weapon in your war on dirt: the SPX3000 Max 14.5-amp electric pressure washer. Once dirt gets the upper hand over your toughest outdoor and/or car cleaning chores, battle back with the power of SPX3000 MAX. This versatile instrument will blast away dirt and grime so you can enjoy cleaner air all around. Whether it’s pool cleaning or driveway cleaning, there are few tools more reliable or effective than the Sun Joe line of pressure washers.

sun joe spx3000 max

With SPX3000 Max, the pressure wash nozzle is designed to agitate water and dirt at the same time. That way you can clean larger areas and avoid washing the same spot repeatedly. It’s like a giant jet stream. Spray and watch the dirt fly!

The powerful motors of the Sun Joe brand enable this versatile tool to not only clean surfaces faster, but with better control. The high-speed exhaust fan cuts down on noise while the rotating brushes ensure you clean surfaces faster and get those tough stains out of sight. The rotary scrubbers let you scrub stubborn grime and dirt that stubborn bleeds and never seem to budge. And you can clean tires, tubs, windows, and glass with ease too.

The high-speed drying fans help you dry faster. And since it utilizes no heat, there is no chance of burning your hand when using the cleaner. All you get is outstanding performance. The powerful blower ensures that hot water and the heated-water rinse wash all the dirt and grease from your surfaces.

Built to give your carpets and rugs the ultimate protection against spills, this machine works to their utmost. It features a dual-action power dial for gentle extraction of water and pressure. It is also pressure sensitive for immediate response to any surges in water pressure. And as it is fully programmable, the system responds quickly to whatever your needs may be.

In addition to cleaning your floors and your appliances, the Sun Joe SpX Series 3000 Auto Detail Pump System can be used for cleaning all sorts of nonporous and slippery surfaces such as bathroom tiles, vinyl flooring, shower tiles, sink tiles, chrome sink and chrome faucets. No matter how dirty these surfaces are, the pumps do a great job of getting them sparkling clean. This product offers both a manual and auto-self-cleaning function. And as the cleaning units use no heat, they’re completely safe for your home.

For maximum cleaning power, the larger motor and blower do more than just one job. The dual-action dial allows for gentle and thorough extraction of water and cleaning pressure. As a result, surfaces are left relatively clean and dry. This is because the blower directs more water to the cleaner, which ensures that it reaches all corners of the area you want cleansed. The motors are specially designed to provide efficient air filtration and cushioning to assure that no grit or dust is left behind when you’re done.

The Sun Joe SpX Series 3000 Auto Detailing Pump is an excellent tool for proper water and oil coverage. The built-in motor has enough power to perform even the toughest jobs, and it does so safely. So whether you have a surface needing normal pressure cleaning, or something more delicate, you can trust the technology, high-performance, and eco-friendly capabilities of the Sun Joe SpX 3000 Max Pressure washer and dryer.

Boasting hi-tech technology and state-of-the-art construction, the Sun Joe SpX Series 3000 Max Auto Detailing pump is ready for any demanding jobs. Take advantage of its powerful vacuum to keep your surfaces looking great at all times.

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