A Salem 2 Person Barrel Sauna For The Best Experience!

salem 2 person barrel sauna

A Salem 2 Person Barrel Sauna For The Best Experience!

The Salem 2 person barrel sauna by Almost Heaven saunas has long been a mainstay product for almost 40 years. This simple, easy to assemble design is very efficient, giving maximum useable room while minimizing wasted cubic feet, meaning the sauna will only heat efficiently and quickly. The kit is designed for the new consumer, with Almost Heaven offering complete instructions and pre-fabricated back end barrel sections for this DIY job! The real authentic sauna experience offers long, deep, unsurpassed relaxation.

Constructed of wood and sealed with resin, your own Salems are a durable, moisture resistant unit that will be a classic addition to any home or garden. They are designed with a sloped interior wall that runs the full length of the sauna. Each individual box has a door on its outside edge and a solid “belly” to help contain and protect the wood. The interior face of the box has two large oval windows that provide a beautiful view of the glorious outdoors. The “boxes” are all built into the sides of the sauna, allowing you to move them around as needed.

The side panels of each “box” have grooves cut out to accept a wide range of wood, and the back and front faces of each “box” have solid wood “ears” to hold the wood in place without warping or tearing. Each box has a door lined with mesh which is waterproof, and each corner has a mesh “swing door”. This makes it easy to move the “salem” from room to room, or from patio to patio – even across the yard! No drilling, no nails, no hammers… nothing. Simply slide your furniture into the “box”, lock it into place and turn it on!

The most obvious benefit to this design is the amount of space you save. With a smaller unit, you either have to leave a lot of open space in your home, or make sure you keep water at a minimum in the room. This can include a whole inside storage area, or just a tiny closet with a hanging shelf for your toothbrush. A smaller unit is also less portable than a larger one, since you really need to have room to bring it around. With a larger unit, you can literally carry it across the yard or across the field to use it wherever you need it most. That frees up a lot of time in your day to do what you’d like.

The Salem 2 person saunas come in a wide variety of sizes. There are small, intimate ones that only seat one person. Then there are larger, roomier units that can easily accommodate three or four people. Both of these styles are easy to find. A quick search on the internet will reveal all kinds of choices.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a Salem is that the type of wood they use has a lot to do with how long the unit will last. Cedar tends to last the longest. However, pine can also be very durable. They also cost less. As always, the cheapest is not always the best.

When selecting a person barrel sauna model, you need to consider the heating mechanism. Most use electric heating systems. These require a cord that runs from the wall unit to the heater. Some models, however, have manual controls that allow you to heat individual portions of the sauna at different temperatures.

In closing, Salems are great for those looking to sweat some harsh toxins out of their bodies. They are great for health and relaxation. They are space savers… and very comfortable. You can get them in just about any color to fit your decorating needs. Be sure to choose a model that fits your needs… and then enjoy!

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