Almost Heaven 2 Person Barrel Sauna With Wood Pellet Stoves

The Salem barrel saunas by Almost Heaven Saunas is a signature line product for almost 40 years. This easy, quick style is great for almost all rooms from the master bedroom to the family room or den. The sauna design is very effective, giving maximum useable room space while maximizing thermal efficiency, meaning the sauna will pre-heat fast and efficiently without over-heating. The sauna is also designed to be assembled by the individual consumer, with almost Heaven offering complete instructions and detailed back-out barrel ends for this DIY job! The authentic, almost-hypnotic sauna experience gives deep, almost instant relaxation from stress and tension.

almost heaven 2 person barrel sauna

Most traditional saunas take up much space and are difficult to move. They tend to get stuffy and can become uncomfortable for the user, especially if someone has a sore back. Many of the models require that the entire unit be brought into the room when it is first installed. This takes up valuable floor space, and requires that more people be responsible for its care. It can also be difficult to move. Plus, it is often necessary to have someone else in the area with a generator or out of state to help in moving the unit.

Almost Heaven designs are very convenient, easy to move, and can be moved on their own if the user prefers. This makes them a practical choice for almost any location, whether a new home, apartment, condo, or RV. This design is very roomy and can be setup with one side of the unit, or two sides depending on the size. This is one reason these units are so popular, because they can fit almost anywhere.

The designs come in a variety of colors, from blue to gray. There are traditional models and modern designs as well. Some come with fans to circulate air, but most use the heat generated by a stove top unit. The cost is similar to a small vented sauna. These types of saunas are available in almost any color imaginable, making them perfect for almost any decor.

The Almost Heaven products are also easy to assemble. The instructions are easy to follow, and the materials are simple to find. It would be great if this company took more time to market the product, but since it does not take much marketing, most consumers are more than impressed with the nearly cost effective price of the Almost Heaven 2 person barrel sauna. This price is far below the typical retail price of over $500 for a full sauna kit.

These saunas can be found almost anywhere. There is even a local store just across the street! If your search online fails, many stores will have no problem giving you a call and speaking to you about their product. Almost Heaven is located in California, and they ship internationally. The customer service is top notch and their prices are very competitive.

While this particular brand of saunas seems to fly out of the showroom, it is actually very durable. They are constructed from high quality stainless steel that is durable in any environment. This is the same material used in many of the outdoor saunas that you will see at marinas and resorts. While this type of material may seem like an expense, the savings of not having to replace the saunas often is well worth it. The cost of the Almost Heaven kits is also quite reasonable when compared to the price of an outdoor sauna.

Saunas are becoming more popular and more readily available at local home improvement stores, especially in areas where there are high tourist population. They are also more common in vacation homes. If you haven’t checked one out, I urge you to look into the Almost Heaven line of saunas. It could well become your new favorite place to take a sauna.

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