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Anjon Small Pondless Waterfall Kit 3000 GPH pump 10 foot x 25 foot PSAN0
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Anjon Small Pondless Waterfall Kit 3000 GPH pump 10 foot x 25 foot PSAN0


  • to make sure this fits.

  • Builds features with up to 30 Gallons of Water-In-Transit (Roughly 25 Square Feet of Stream)

  • 10-foot x 25-foot EPDM liner, 250 Square feet of underlayment

  • Anjon Manufacturing ANJ-16 16” Waterfall Box, Big Frog Tuff Tank TT-15 Vault

  • 1.5-inch x 25-foot Kink Free PVC Tubing, and Anjon 3000 GPH Variable Speed Commando Pump CO-3000

  • Ships Ground

Anjon Pondless kits make it easy to enjoy the sight and sound of a water feature without the maintenance of a water garden or fish pond. Pondless systems let you build a beautiful focal point for your business or outdoor oasis. Professional, quality products mean that there’s no guess work, and you will enjoy your feature for years to come. Designing and Sizing Your Pondless Feature When designing your pondless water feature and selecting your products, special attention should be paid to the basin area and the Water-In-Transit (WIT). The Basin is the area of the feature where most of the features water will be stored, as well as housing the pump for recirculation. Water-In-Transit (WIT) is the total volume of water that is moving in your system. In very large systems, this includes the plumbing system, as well as all water in the stream area. For the kits this manual accompanies, we will only use the volume of water in the spillways and streams to calculate our WIT. Calculating WIT To calculate WIT, you will need to know your Stream Length (L) and Average Stream Width (W), both in feet. We will also use 7.48 as the measure of gallons per cubic foot, and .25 foot (3 inches) as the industry accepted standard average for water depth in the stream.* Here’s how the math looks: L x W x .25 = Stream Volume in Cubic Feet Stream Volume in Cubic Feet x 7.48 (gallons) = WIT measured in Gallons. * This average does not account for pooling areas. Pooling areas do not flow through the system the same as WIT. The volume of pooling areas should be measured separately and factored into basin volume as a “one-time fill” Calculating Your Basin Your basin should be sized in relation to your WIT number. For ease of maintenance, and product safety, we recommend that your basin contain a water volume of 3 times your WIT volume, or greater. This would mean that if your WIT is 20 gallons, your basin will need to be able to hold a minimum of 60 gallons

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