Apello Solar Mole Repellent Mole Repeller Pack of 2 Rodent repellent repel Chipmunk Vole Gopher humane ultrasonic pest repeller can be used with organic garlic no killing like Mole Traps Killer Poison
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Apello Solar Mole Repellent Mole Repeller Pack of 2 Rodent repellent repel Chipmunk Vole Gopher humane ultrasonic pest repeller can be used with organic garlic no killing like Mole Traps Killer Poison


  • to make sure this fits.

  • 45° Gradient Efficient Charging: The solar panel has 45° angle with ground. This allows 90° direct irradiation between solar panels and sunlight.With polysilicon solar power panels, the cells can be fully charged in 8 hours and last for 8 days.

  • Suitable for All Weather Conditions: Waterproof and corrosion-resistant aluminum and ABS flame retardant material also applies to rainy days, but it mustn’t be soaked in rain.

  • Coverage: Sound waves spread from the center in 49.2 feet radius,and the impact reaches 7,000 square feet. In order to expel mole,gopher,vole more effectively, it is advisable to install a product every 50 feet.Need 7-15 days of continuous use.

  • Sound Wave Drive: The scientific theory and years of experiments have proved that 400Hz low-frequency sound waves will produce strong stimuli to mole,gopher,vole.Make them feel scared,disturbed and stay away.And thus achieve the purpose of expelling.

  • Humane & Easy to Use: Harmless to human and pets; No chemical reagents,pesticides and does not kill any creature; Directly inserted into the soil, Make sure the top part is about 2 inches above the ground.


45° gradientnefficient charging:
Designed for North American users.Surface of solar panel has 45° angle with ground.To make the best of it, we suggest to insert the spike into soil with its solar panel facing south.

This ultrasonic pest control products (ultrasonic pest repeller) produces 400Hz low frequency sound waves to penetrate the soil and expel mole, gopher, vole repellent effectively.and the sonic spikes continue to discourage return visits.
Sound waves spread from the center to the surrounding in 49.2 feet radius, and the impact reaches 650 square meters (about 7,000 square feet). In order to expel the burrowing rodents more effectively, it is advisable to install a product every 15m (about 50 feet) and to use it for a long period;This frequency band is harmless to human and pets. The product has no chemical reagents and pesticides,and does not kill any creature.it has no mole poison, mole chaser, mole killer, mole traps that work merciless .

Easy installation:
Step 1 – Connect the cable connector in the aluminum tube to the top connector, and then connect the aluminum tube to the top.
Step 2 – After connecting, insert the aluminum tube into the ground. Make sure the top part is about 2 inches above the ground to avoid water flowing into the interior.

1. Acoustic frequency: 400Hz
2. Operating time and interval: Operates 5 seconds at 20 seconds interval.
3. Battery: Ni-CD AAA 800mAh 1.2V

The effectiveness of the product depends on the type of soil to a large extent. Wet clay is the best conductive medium of sound; it is difficult to spread sound waves in dry, sandy or peat soil.

Apello’s main products include animal repellent, mole repellent, rat repellent, electronic mouse repeller, pest control spray, pest control ultrasonic: rodent repellent ultrasonic, mice repellent ultrasonic, mouse repellent ultrasonic, gopher repellent ultrasonic.

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Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here

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December 30, 2017

Color: Red-black|Verified Purchase

One thing we didn’t know about the neighborhood we moved to was the vast amount of MOLES everywhere! One mound in our backyard quickly turned to 8+ and we tried the poisonous worms, deterrent granules, and nothing was working. Till I found these miracles! We have four throughout our back yard and not a single mound in over a month now. We had one show up at the end of our yard where we don’t have any “sonar coverage” so we bought a different brand stake from Home Depot, and it makes a different buzzing. We really just needed one more and not 2. Well twice in two weeks a mound has showed up right near that one.. it clearly does not deter them like the Apello ones do!!! I’m about to order another two pack. I wish there was any easy way to just kill the darn moles but to at least keep them out of your yard, I promise these work!!

February 24, 2018

Color: Red-black|Verified Purchase

Others have said they had luck, I didn’t. The gophers in my small yard seemed to like the small sound and dug next to and around all the repellers. It did though seem to have a positive effect of keeping the neighborhood rabbits out of my yard, which I hadn’t expected

January 15, 2018

Color: Red-black|Verified Purchase

I was a bit skeptical about these but I haven’t seen any moles or rodents around my grass since I installed this. I’ve had them for over 2 months now and they’re still going.

January 12, 2018

Color: Red-black|Verified Purchase

did not work! Still have moles, didn’t slow them down any.

February 13, 2018

Color: Red-black|Verified Purchase

Seems to work, but the quality of the product is below par. I have had for almost a month and pulled one out of the ground to move it, and the bottom tip (red) portion, fell off into the hole. I am not sure of the warranty on these items but now it’s not working at all.

August 4, 2017

Color: Black|Verified Purchase

everyday I go out and fill the tunnels. I bought some of these spike and placed them around the yard. I’m so surprise that they work!!! All I could hear was a buzz from these spikes. Sounds a bit like the noise you would hear from a hearing test. It doesn’t bother me,but bother pests,haha…

October 7, 2017

Color: Black|Verified Purchase

I finally tried the sonic repellents after reading mixed reviews. I think the product works depending on how far they are put apart, the soil type, the sunlight hours they gain… They took a while to work but they kept my garden free of moles in the end.

October 7, 2017

Color: Black|Verified Purchase

We would always prefered this pet safe way to deter moles. Bought them this summer, one was in front yard, the other one was at back yard. After one week chasing period, they assisted me like one family member and drove the moles and any other unwanted pests away.