APELUCA PIZZA OVEN POT APS7001【Japan Domestic genuine products】
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APELUCA PIZZA OVEN POT APS7001【Japan Domestic genuine products】


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  • ◆ Body size: about (W) 240 × (D) 290 × (H) 140 mm / ◆ Body weight: about 1470 g

  • ◆ Material: ● (Main body): Steel plate (silicone resin paint) / ● (Lid / pizza plate): stainless steel / ● (Inner lid): Steel plate (fluororesin processing) / ● (Knob): walnut (natural oil painted) / ● (Handle): Phenolic resin / stainless steel

  • ◆ set content: ● Body / ● Lid (including inner lid) / ● Pizza plate / ● handle/ ● Heat ring / ● Storage bag / ● Japanese Recipe Book

  • ※ ● Notes: ● Two-burner stove / separate type single burner / Charcoal fire available. / ● Cassette stove / direct-coupled single burner / household gas stove can not be used. / ● Can not use dishwasher dryer.

Product features ★ On a weekend afternoon, while reading alone, chatting with a partner, sometimes invite friends. ● A free-minded moment surrounding an aperitif under the sun will free us from the busy nature. ★ It is such a new lifestyle that APELUCA creates. ◆ Walnut Knob & Double Lids ● Walnut knob with impressive chic grain. ● It is hard to get hot and has a gentle touch. ● You can check the burning condition of pizza smoothly. ● The lid has a double structure and it does not escape the heat from the bottom and it is baked at high temperature. ● Plump, crispy, baked pizza, deliciousness of professionalism. ◆ Plate & Handle ● Stainless steel plate that is functional and easy to clean. ● Attached detachable handle which easy to put hot plate in and out was attached. ◆ Heating Ring & Pan ● A special structure that takes hot air inside and heats the whole pot to high temperature. ● Delicious pizza is readily prepared in a short time without preheating. ● I do not need the trouble of putting charcoal on the lid. ◆ Heat source used ● Two-burner stove ● Separable single burner ● Charcoal fire ※ ● Depending on the appliances, there are things that are forbidden to use. please confirm. ※ ● Cassette stove / direct-coupled single burner / gas stove with Si sensor for household / IH cooking heater / fire can not be used. ※ ★ ★ Detailed description By “Newsbridge” ★ ★ ※

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