Arctic King 7.0CF Upright Freezer, Stainless Steel

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Arctic King 7.0CF Upright Freezer, Stainless Steel

Arctic King 7.0CF Upright Freezer Review

When looking for an Upright Freezer, make sure to look for Energy efficiency, Safety features, and a price that will fit your budget. Upright freezers are a great choice for the kitchen because they offer plenty of benefits over their counter counterparts. This model is also incredibly easy to clean. You can manually defrost it, but it also features a balanced hinge design. Top quality construction and proper storage are also important factors to consider when buying an Upright Freezer.

Energy efficiency

The Arctic King 7.0CF Upright Freezer has a great energy efficiency rating, and the model is very compact for small spaces. This freezer can fit into any space with ease, and the defrost drain is easy to access. It comes with a removable storage basket and an easy-to-clean interior. The sleek design and solid black color blend well in any setting. Here are the pros and cons of this freezer.

The sleek design of this 7.0-cubic-foot upright freezer fits well into most kitchens and apartments. It has a large capacity to store many large purchases, and it also uses minimal energy to keep food cold. It costs about 23 dollars per year to run. It is also very energy-efficient, requiring just 250 kilowatts of electricity per year. Overall, this model is an excellent choice for homeowners who are concerned about their monthly energy bill.

An upright freezer’s energy efficiency can be affected by ambient temperatures. In a garage, for example, ambient temperatures can be high. However, the GE models have been specially designed for garage storage. These models have digital temperature controls on the exterior of the unit, so the user does not have to worry about releasing cold air when opening the freezer. Unlike manual defrosting models, they will quickly return to a freezing temperature when opened.

Safety features

Aside from the renowned Ice Maker, the Arctic King 7.0CF Upright Freezer comes with a lot of added safety features. The upright freezer has an LED power indicator, a security lock, temperature controls, and smart sensing technology to keep temperatures uniform throughout. Some of the features include auto-close doors, an auto-defrost feature, and an alarm. Moreover, this freezer comes with an anti-theft system.

The Upright Freezer has a slim design and a recessed handle. It also features a mechanical temperature control and an adjustable thermostat, along with a water drain to make it easy to defrost. Its easy-to-clean interior makes it a great choice for small spaces. Its slim design makes it perfect for office use, basements, and mudrooms.

The EvenTemp cooling system circulates cold air throughout the freezer to prevent warm spots. It can keep food frozen up to two days in case of power outages. This model also comes with a self-ejecting key and lock. Its high capacity and safety features make it an ideal freezer for families. Besides, it also offers a warranty of up to five years. Aside from the icemaker, Arctic King 7.0CF Upright Freezer comes with many more great features.


If you are looking for an upright freezer, you may want to look at the Arctic King 7.0CF Upright Freezer. This unit has the perfect amount of space for small spaces. This model is suited for basements, garages, and mudrooms. It is also available in stainless steel, so you can find one that matches your décor. However, if you are looking for an upright freezer that is easy to clean, look for another model.

Walmart is a good place to find this model. Walmart currently has it for $269 shipped. The retailer also offers free store pickup. Keep in mind that the price of the Arctic King 7.0CF Upright Freezer is subject to change. We may receive a small commission if you purchase through our links. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase your freezer from an authorized retailer. However, the prices may change at any time.

When buying a freezer, make sure to take the time to find out how many features it has. Some models have advanced features that allow you to control temperature and organization. Others have energy-efficient features. Keep in mind that these features aren’t necessary for everyone. If you’re planning to buy one for your family, invest in the features that matter most to you. It’s important to choose a freezer with good features and the highest value for your money.


The Arctic King 7.0CF Upright Freezer is a great choice for supplemental freezer space. It has a slim design and recessed handle for easy access. It has an adjustable thermostat and mechanical temperature control. Its easy-to-clean interior makes it easy to maintain the food inside. Listed below are the benefits of this model. To learn more, read on! This product is built to last for many years.

The Arctic King 7.0CF Upright Freezer features an energy-efficient design that fits into any small kitchen or bathroom. Its sleek design gives it a modern and sleek appearance. It comes with a large removable storage basket and an easy-access defrost drain. The unit is available in solid black for a sleek and modern appearance. It features a power-on indicator light right next to the thermostat. The unit’s efficiency is guaranteed by the built-in defrost drain.

Whether you want a smaller or larger upright freezer, there are many options available. Upright freezers can range in size from one cubic foot to a maximum of 10 cubic feet. Listed below are some factors to consider when choosing a freezer. The size of your kitchen will determine whether or not an upright freezer will fit in your kitchen. In addition, consider the size of the largest containers that you plan to store in the freezer. A side-by-side refrigerator/freezer combo unit is a convenient choice for larger kitchens.

Reversible doors

The reversible doors on the Arctic King 7.0CF Upright Freezer provide you with the convenience of reversing the door to access the interior. With its sleek design, the upright freezer offers a low-profile and minimal footprint that can accommodate any home kitchen. The recessed handle and removable basket make it easy to clean the interior. Besides its sleek design, this freezer can blend in well with the decor of any environment.

Its skinny design allows it to fit in almost any room, making it ideal for a mudroom or office. Its recessed handle makes it easy to open and close and includes an adjustable thermostat and mechanical temperature control. This freezer is easy to clean and has a drain plug for removing excess water. It can also be used in a garage, basement or mudroom.

This freezer features reversible doors that can be set to open either to the left or the right. This is particularly useful if you are left-handed. You can choose which direction you want the door to open, and this enables you to store frozen items in either orientation. The Arctic King 7.0CF Upright Freezer can be purchased for $219 from Walmart. It will be delivered free of charge.

Digital displays

With the addition of digital displays, the Arctic King 7.0CF Upright Freezer is more than just a good option for your home freezer. These freezers can help you control your energy, temperature, and organization. You can even store breast milk in bulk. These freezers meet NSF standards, have an inner space of 25 cubic feet, three racks, and four-inch crates, and have a restorable gasket to prevent leaks.

This Upright Freezer is easy to clean and features a slim design with a recessed handle. It also features a mechanical temperature control and a thermostat with an adjustable range. The door opens at 45-75 degrees and has a balanced hinge design, making it easy to clean inside. You can also choose from various settings for the temperature. This freezer will ensure your food remains fresh and at the right temperature for as long as possible.

Whether you have a small family or a large family, this compact freezer is an excellent choice. The 13.8 cubic feet of capacity will keep all your food cool and fresh. It has an automatic defrost feature and interior lighting. Its sleek, stainless steel finish gives it a modern look. There are also several features that make the Arctic King 7.0CF Upright Freezer a solid choice for your home.

Energy star certification

For maximum energy efficiency and a high level of safety and security, opt for an upright freezer that is certified by the Energy Star. This certification is given to refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances that have met certain standards. An Energy Star-certified product consumes less electricity than non-certified models, which makes it the most energy-efficient refrigerator on the market. This is especially beneficial during summer, when the temperature can rise dramatically.

The Arctic King brand is an American appliance manufacturer that has been praised for its superior technology, efficiency, and reliability. This company started by providing air conditioners but is now a leading manufacturer of home appliances. Arctic King freezers are highly durable and outlast many other brands. Its parent company, Midea, is a reputable manufacturer that also owns several other leading brands, including Toshiba Appliances, Little Swan, and Eureka.

The freezer door features an automated temperature regulator, frost autonomous dial operator, and bright LEDs. It measures 27 3/4 wide, 28 deep, and 67 1/2 high, and consumes 424 kilowatts per year. The freezer’s fan pushes air to maintain the cooling effect, but it may be noisy. In such cases, it’s recommended to replace the fan.

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