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Nintendo Switch Lite - Blue

Nintendo Switch Lite – Blue – Size, Price & Battery Life Review

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the handheld version of the Nintendo’s popular game console. Released on September 20, 2019, the Lite is a lower-cost handheld version of the Nintendo Switch. It plays the same games as its larger counterpart and comes in a variety of colors. In this article, we’ll discuss the size, price, and battery life of the new handheld. We’ll also discuss whether the Lite is better than the original.

Game library

While the Switch Lite supports the Joy-Con controllers, some games are not optimized for Handheld Mode. For example, ARMS relies on holding the Joy-Con in each hand for optimal movement, but Super Mario Odyssey has non-essential moves that can only be activated by shaking the console. This can be problematic if you’re traveling on public transport. In addition, local multiplayer requires additional controllers.

The Game library for the Nintendo Switch Lite can grow quickly, but you’ll have to make sure you have a lot of space available on your computer. A small portable game console is perfect for casual gamers who want to play on the go. A Switch Lite comes in fun, bright colors, and is incredibly portable. Because it is a handheld device, the Switch Lite can be played with one person or with several people. It can also be linked with another Switch console for local co-op gaming.

Another option for backup is a paid subscription to the Switch Online. This service will automatically backup your game data to Nintendo servers as long as you have an internet connection. You can then download games and downloadable content to another Nintendo console or use your primary Switch to play on the Switch Lite. However, you must disable auto-renewal if you plan to download more than one game to the Switch Lite. Otherwise, you’ll be charged a $3.99 monthly fee.

The Switch Lite’s screen is 5.5 inches and offers 720p resolution. This means that the graphical quality is just as good as the regular Switch. The joy-con controllers are interchangeable, and you can even use them to play handheld games. But, if you’d rather use traditional controllers, you can buy the Switch Pro Controller for the Switch Lite. This controller is more convenient for playing games on the big screen.


The Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld gaming console released on September 20, 2019. It is a cheaper version of the original Nintendo-Switch console. It plays most of the same games as the original Nintendo Switch, but at a lower price. It comes in several different colors. To learn more about this new device, read on! The price of Nintendo Switch Lite will vary depending on the brand and color you choose. Below is a price range for the new device.

The price of the Nintendo Switch Lite will depend on where you live. If you are in the US, you can get it for just $199 at best buy. The same goes for the UK. The console is available in a variety of fun colours, including coral, yellow, and turquoise. The price of Nintendo Switch Lite will depend on the model you choose and where you live. You may also want to consider the special editions, such as Pokemon Dialga & Palkia Edition and Dialga & Palkia.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is priced at $265 (including shipping) on Amazon. Gamestop prices, on the other hand, average $200. Depending on the color you choose, the price of Nintendo Switch Lite varies widely. Among the most expensive colors, coral, is the most expensive, while gray is the least expensive. But remember, these are not the only colors available, so don’t forget to check out all the options before deciding which one to purchase. You may want to consider purchasing games and accessories together if you’re comparing prices.

While the Nintendo Switch Lite doesn’t include detachable Joy-Cons, it does come with a USB-C charger. One of the most important things about Nintendo Switch Lite is its storage space. Without external storage, new games can’t be installed on your console unless you delete something first. To improve this situation, you can buy a SanDisk Ultra 128GB SD card. This card will double or triple the internal memory of your Nintendo Switch Lite and store five to ten big games.


Considering the price, the size of the Nintendo Switch Lite is a major selling point. Compared to its predecessor, the Switch Lite features better image quality. This is because it spreads the same amount of pixels across a larger screen. This makes it easier to see individual pixels than in previous models. Although it is smaller, the Switch Lite still offers plenty of features, making it a perfect choice for younger kids and budget gamers.

The size of the Nintendo Switch Lite is just the right size for people who like to bring their gaming experience with them everywhere. You can play the same games and use the same accessories on the Switch Lite as on the original. The size of the Nintendo Switch Lite is perfect for traveling, and it can fit in a pocket. You can get it in a number of colors, which can make it easier to match with other players.

Compared to the original Switch, the Nintendo Lite features a 6.2-inch screen. The Switch Lite also sports a smaller dock, which allows it to be used as a handheld. The Switch Lite measures 8.2 inches in length and 3.6 inches high, making it easier to fit in a jacket pocket. While the Switch Lite has fewer features, it is still a significant improvement over the original.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is smaller than the standard Switch, but has the same 720P resolution. The Switch Lite also has a smaller battery, which means it can last about two hours less than the Nintendo Switch. It can also stand on its own. This makes it an excellent choice for people on a budget. In addition, the Switch Lite is less expensive than the regular Switch, so it may be more affordable for some gamers.

Battery life

The battery life of the Nintendo Switch Lite can be a concern. While the console can last up to seven hours, battery life decreases as you play games. This is due to the battery draining faster in heavy games than in light games. While activities that take up the entire tablet mode will use less battery, they do affect the battery life. If you’re constantly playing games, then charging the battery may be necessary to keep your portable console powered.

In addition to a poor battery life, the Nintendo Switch Lite has a shorter battery life than its predecessors. The updated version of the console can last from four to nine hours. The Switch Lite has a shorter battery life, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to play. Just be sure to lower the screen brightness, as this is the number one energy saver. This tip works from the main system UI, as well as while you’re in-game.

The battery life on the Nintendo Switch Lite is a big concern, especially when compared to the Switch’s predecessor. While the Nintendo Switch Lite offers slightly better battery life than its predecessor, its battery life is still not impressive enough to justify the price. The Switch Lite is designed for portability, and therefore has lower weight than its predecessor. However, the new console does have a smaller screen, which makes it easier to carry around and still play games.

To extend battery life on the Switch Lite, keep the brightness down and avoid using the speakers. Speakers drain the battery faster than headphones, so use headphones when playing games to conserve power. Moreover, always remember to switch your device to Airplane Mode when not in use to extend its battery life. This way, you won’t wake up the game to find that it’s on battery life. A Switch Lite’s battery life can be drastically improved with these simple tips.


When using the Nintendo Switch Lite, you should always remember that you should be holding the Joy-Con controllers, not the console itself. If you hold both Joy-Con controllers together, they will work like a traditional Xbox 360 controller. The controllers have the L and R buttons, which you can use to push buttons on the railing. Once you have them properly configured, you should be ready to play. To reconnect the Joy-Con controllers, press the home button and then the R button.

To use the Switch Lite’s built-in controllers, you will need to turn off your TV. If you have a TV, you’ll want to switch to a console with an HDMI port. However, the Switch Lite will not support the HDMI output. In order to play games that require Joy-Cons, you’ll need to buy additional accessories. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself frustrated because you can’t play them.

In order to avoid this problem, you’ll want to consider purchasing an Orzly Grip Case, which adds about 25 grams to your Switch Lite. This case is designed to offer you protection while carrying it around, and it also features covers for the thumbsticks. The Orzly Grip Case is also available in several different colors, including clear. If you don’t want to spend the extra money, you can always use the Switch Lite in docked mode.

Another way to get started with the Switch Lite is by purchasing an external controller. The controllers can then be plugged into the Switch. There are also wireless controllers available for the console. There are a couple of third-party accessories for the Switch Lite, but the main drawback is that it does not support Tabletop Mode. For local multiplayer, you’ll have to purchase additional controllers for more than two players.

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